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Inter-Korean Relations

This collection of documents is about the relationship between North Korea and South Korea and the efforts made by both countries to achieve the reunification of Korea.

  • April 06, 1989

    Record of Meeting between Comrade Pak Yeong-chan and Comrade Vogel

    East German and North Korean officials discuss DPRK-GDR relations, the World Youth Festival in North Korea, and security procedures for Korean nationals in Berlin.

  • April 13, 1989

    Assistance for Entry and Exit

    An example of a Stasi document on two South Korean citizens transiting East Germany to travel to and from Pyongyang.

  • May 24, 1989

    Note on Meeting with Comrade Ri Jong-geun on 24 May 1989

    Ri Jong-geun requests that East Germany provide the DPRK with information of Korean nationals in the GDR.