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North Korea's First Five-Year Plan, 1957-1961

A collection of declassified documents from Russian, Polish, Chinese, and East German archives on North Korea's Chollima Movement and First Five-Year Plan (1957-1961).

  • September 18, 1960

    The Korean People's Democratic Republic (A Brief Memorandum)

    Tugarinov discusses the division of the Korean Peninsula in 1945 and the political and economic situation in the DPRK and ROK respectively.

  • September 28, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 28 September 1960

    Puzanov suggests measures to implement during the first five-year plan to further North Korea's economic growth. Puzanov also informs Pak Seong-cheol of a change to Khrushchev's scheduled visit to the DPRK.

  • September 30, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 30 September 1960

    A.M. Puzanov provides Pak Geum Cheol information on 1) upcoming conference of representatives of Communist and worker's Parties 2) State Committee decision to transfer technical documentations in response to Kim Il Sung's request 3) impression on newly-introduced bonus payment system in agricultural cooperatives.

  • October 28, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 28 October 1960

    A.M. Puzanov visits Tokchon vehicle plant for a briefing on its condition. A.M. Puzanov and plant senior officials have a conversation regarding Khrushchev’s visit to the DPRK.

  • November 02, 1960

    An Assessment by the GDR Foreign Ministry of the Report from the GDR Embassy in Pyongyang regarding the Economic Situation of the DPRK for the 1st Semester of 1960

    The GDR Foreign Ministry assess the economic failures of the DPRK, attributing the work of the (Korean Worker's) Party, including the partition of the 7-year plan and other problems in agriculture and industries, as the major cause.

  • November 03, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 3 November 1960

    Kim Il Sung informs A.M. Puzanov on the progress of agricultural production and the prospects for further agricultural plans in the following year.

  • December 13, 1960

    Excerpts from 'Nodong Sinmun,' 13 December 1960

    The report of General Ra Se-kjon describes the visit of the PRC Military Delegation to a number of factories, communes and memorials in the DPRK in October-November 1960. General Ra Se-kjon describes the success of the Korean economy: the success of post-War reconstruction; the 5-year plan; the increased productivity of certain factories; the collectivization, irrigation, and electrification of the countryside; as well as education and the eradication of illiteracy.

  • December 14, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 14 December 1960

    Emil Stanciu and A.M. Puzanov share information obtained from separately interacting with Kim Il Sung and his close aides, commenting that Korean leaders barely mention the aid which the Soviet Union and other socialist countries are giving the DPRK.

  • December 27, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 27 December 1960

    Pak Yong-guk provides information on the work of the December KWP CC Plenum for all the ambassadors of the socialist countries. What have mainly mentioned in Plenum were great changes in the field of agriculture in 1960 led by Kim Il Sung and KWP CC Presidium members, the tasks in the field of agriculture for 1961.

  • December 28, 1960

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 28 December 1960

    Kim Il Sung and his close aides are very satisfied with the results of the talks in Moscow and the Agreement on Economic and Technical Aid and Trade Turnover. After hearing the prosperous output results of the Pyongyang state farm from Jeong Il-yong, A.M. Puzanov asks Jeong Il-yong to visit the Pyongyang state farm.

  • December 13, 1961

    Minutes of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Ri Ju-yeon

    Zhou Enlai and Ri Ju-yeon discuss steal production, agricultural production, and electricity production in North Korea as well as Sino-North Korean trade and economic cooperation.

  • August 26, 1962

    Memorandum of Conversation between Soviet Ambassador to North Korea Vasily Moskovsky and North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Seongcheol

    Park Seong-cheol informs Moskovsky of the rationale behind DPRK's new dictum of "self-reliance".

  • August 28, 1962

    Notes from a Conversation between Comrade Durcak of the Czech Embassy in the DPRK with the Soviet Ambassador, Comrade Moskovskii, on 28.VIII.1962.

    The Embassy of Czechoslovakia in North Korea comments on educational policies in North Korea and the state of Soviet-North Korean relations.