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China-Southeast Asia Relations

China was a major player in Cold War Southeast Asia, advocating for socialist revolutions and directly supporting independence struggles.

  • June 22, 1956

    Minutes of Zhou Enlai’s Meeting with Burmese Ambassador U Hla Maung

    Zhou Enlai and U Hla Maung discuss the overseas Chinese in Burma and Burma's ties to Taiwan.

  • June 28, 1956

    Deng Xiaoping Submits a Written Report to the Central Committee on the China-Burma Border Issue

    Deng Xiaoping lays out China's plans for resolving the border dispute with Burma.

  • September 21, 1956

    Report, UN Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, 'Note on the China-Burma Border Question'

    The Department of Political and Security Council Affairs provides an overview of the history and current status of the disputed China-Burma border.

  • 1957

    Decision of the First National People’s Congress regarding Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhou Enlai’s Announcement concerning the China-Burma border (Draft)

    A draft decision calling for a fair and peaceful resolution to the Sino-Burmese border dispute.

  • April 03, 1957

    Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Main points of the Discussion between the Premier and Soekardjo Wiriopranoto'

    Zhou Enlai and Sukazuo discussed the visits of high-level officials as well as the preparation for the second Asian-African Conference

  • September 25, 1958

    On the Issues of Market Conditions in Burma and Burmese Businessmen Participating in the Autumn Trade Fair

    The Chinese government analyzes the intentions and likely benefits of having Burmese business people come to trade fairs in China.

  • January 04, 1959

    Policy Documents for Expatriate Affairs related to the CCP Central Committee, Expatriate Committee, and District Committees (1956, 1957, 1959)

    The CCP reviews its work with international Chinese in Southeast Asia as well as some of the boundary issues with Laos, Burma, and Vietnam.

  • December 20, 1959

    Recommendations for Preparing a Large Welcome for International Chinese

    The Chinese government strategizes how it can best bring Overseas Chinese back to the Chinese mainland following the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia.

  • February 29, 1960

    Ideas for Returned International Chinese Students’ Work

    A report on the crackdown against Overseas Chinese in Indonesia and the responses of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • December 05, 1960

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai's Reception of the Vietnamese Government Economic and Trade Delegation led by Vice Premier Nguyen Duy Trinh

    Zhou and Nguyen Duy Trinh exchanged views regarding agricultural and industrial development. Zhou made comments on Vietnam's first five-year plan.

  • January 31, 1961

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Reception of Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh

    A brief conversation concerning a North Vietnamese request for Chinese assistance with an aerial survey. Zhou and Nguyen Duy Trinh also discuss Chinese and Polish economic aid to the DRV.

  • January 31, 1961

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai's Reception of the Vietnamese Government Economic and Trade Delegation led by Vice Premier Nguyen Duy Trinh

    Discussion on the Vietnamese agriculture and industrial development. Zhou spoke about Chinese experience on developing socialism during the Great Leap Forward.

  • October 04, 1961

    Report from the Foreign Visitors Office of the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, 'The Two Major Parties of China and the Soviet Union Have Some Different Opinions, and Vietnam Faces Difficulties'

  • March 03, 1962

    Issues related to Recognizing the Burmese Military Government (Bilingual Chinese-English Text)

    The Chinese Embassy in Burma cables to the Foreign Ministry to report on developments in Burma following the Ne Win coup.

  • June 25, 1962

    Situation Report on Burmese General Ang Ji’s Uncle Chen An’guang

    The CCP strategies how to "struggle against Burmese Vice Premier Ang Ji’s influence"

  • August 28, 1962

    Chinese Embassy Report, Burma’s Relations with the US

    The Chinese Embassy in Burma reports on Burma's economic relations with the United Stated.

  • September 30, 1962

    Record of Talks from the Premier’s Meeting with the Delegation of the National Front for the Liberation of Southern Vietnam

    Zhou Enlai meets with the head of a Vietcong delegation, Nguyen Van Hieu. The two discuss the Vietcong's struggle inside of Vietnam and the organization's international ties, as well as disarmament and Afro-Asian politics.

  • October 31, 1962

    Cable from Li Jusheng, 'Report on Handing over the Letter of the Premier to Sukarno'

    Li Jusheng reported to the Chinese Foreign Ministry on his conversation with Indonesian Assistant to First Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs Su-wei-duo. The exchange concerned efforts from Indonesia and Egypt to find an acceptable solution to the Sino-Indian conflict, several points from the Chinese proposal that was unclear to Indonesia, a remarkable absence of demands for the Western and Central sectors in Nehru's letter to Nasser, and the importance of not letting this dispute hinder the preparation for the next Asian-African Conference

  • November 23, 1962

    Cable from Wang Tao, 'Chairman Ho Meeting with Chargé D'Affaires Wang'

    Ho Chi Minh, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Vietnam, discusses his views on the Sino-Indian border conflict and mediation methods employed

  • November 24, 1962

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, 'Chairman Ho Discusses the Following Two Situations'

    Ho Chi Minh evaluates Jawaharlal Nehru and the Sino-Indian border dispute.