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Digital Archive International History Declassified


Collections contain selected sets of historical documents related to a specific topic, region, or event.

  • 1956 Polish and Hungarian Crises

    The uprising began in Hungary as a spontaneous nationwide revolt against the People's Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies.

  • 1980-81 Polish Crisis

    The crisis began with a wave of strikes across Poland and the formation of the first independent labor union in a Soviet bloc country–Solidarity.

  • 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

    When South Korea was awarded the 1988 Olympic Games, North Korea began an ambitious but failed effort to act as cohost.

  • Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League

    The Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League included South Korea, the Philippines, South Vietnam, and a number of other Asian countries and territories.

  • Bandung Conference, 1955

    Representatives from 29 African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries came together for the Afro-Asian Conference in Bandung, Indonesia in 1955.

  • Berlin Wall

    The history of the Berlin Wall from the post-WWII divided city, to the wall's construction in 1961, through to its destruction in 1989.

  • Brazilian Nuclear History

    The evolution of the Brazilian nuclear program from 1947 to its end in 1989.

  • China and South Asia

    South Asia was one of the most important regions in China's international relations and foreign policy.

  • China and the Korean War

    A collection of materials documenting China's involvement in all stages of the Korean War.

  • China and the Soviet Union in Xinjiang, 1934-1949

    This collection of Soviet records documents the political and military turmoil in Xinjiang in the 1930s and 1940.

  • China at the United Nations

    The United Nations was a key battleground between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China in the global struggle to represent China.

  • China-Europe Relations

    This collection charts China's relations with Europe, and as it moved from East to West throughout the course of the Cold War.

  • China-North Korea Relations

    Are Chinese-North Korean relations really "as close as lips to teeth"?

  • China-Southeast Asia Relations

    China was a major player in Cold War Southeast Asia, advocating for socialist revolutions and directly supporting independence struggles.

  • China, 1989

    China faced citizen protests, demands for democracy, and infighting within the Chinese Communist Party at the end of the Cold War.

  • China's Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976

    A social experiment aimed at suppressing counterrevolutionaries and purifying the CCP, the Cultural Revolution created chaos across China.

  • China's Foreign Aid

    China was a major provider of foreign aid and developmental assistance during the Cold War and postcolonial eras.

  • China's Great Leap Forward, 1958-1961

    Ultimately a failed political campaign, the Great Leap Forward led to the deaths of millions of people across China.