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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 07, 1961

    Report on the Work of the Delegation of the ALP to the 4th Congress of the Korean Workers' Party

    Manush Myftiu reports on the 4th Congress of the Korean Workers’ Party.

  • September 10, 1961

    Record of Conversation between Comrade Kim Il Sung and Comrade Deng Xiaoping

    Deng Xiaoping and Kim Il Sung discuss a range of issues, including agriculture in North Korea, Koreans in Japan, and the situation in South Korea.

  • September 15, 1961

    Letter from Ulbricht to Khrushchev on Closing the Border Around West Berlin

    Ulbricht writes to Khrushchev regarding the closing of the border between east and west Berlin.

  • September 16, 1961

    Telegram from Chinese Foreign Ministry to Embassy in Morocco, 'Currently Inadvisable to Invite Kakodkar to Visit China'

    The Foreign Ministry advises against inviting the general secretary of the Goan People's Party to China for the time being.

  • September 20, 1961

    Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'The Korean Workers’ Party’s 4th Congress'

    A report on the members of the 11-member Political Bureau of the Korean Worker's Party and the Vice Chairman of Central Committee.

  • September 23, 1961

    Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'Celebration of the Korean Workers’ Party’s 4th Congress'

    Kovács József reports on the immense celebrations for the Korean Worker's Party's 4th Congress.

  • September 25, 1961

    Report on the Delegation of the Albanian Labor Party’s Meeting with Kim Il Sung

    Manush Myftiu, the leader of the Albanian delegation, reports on the meeting with Kim Il Sung during the 4th Congress of the Korean Workers’ Party. He relates their discussion about the divisions within the communist camp and describes Kim Il Sung’s position on the matter and towards Albania.

  • September 27, 1961

    Update on Cuban Children Visiting Socialist Countries

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party on a group of Cuban children touring socialist countries.

  • September 28, 1961

    Letter from Khrushchev to Ulbricht Regarding the Situation in Berlin

    Khrushchev response to Ulbricht's 15 September letter regarding the closing of the border between east and west Berlin. He notes that since the Western powers were tending toward negotiation rather than confrontation over the crisis, "such steps which could exacerbate the situation, especially in Berlin, should be avoided."

  • September 28, 1961

    Memorandum of Conversation between Mao Zedong and Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticos

    A conversation about the situation in Brazil. Cuba's diplomatic relations to other countries around the world are also discussed, especially as they relate to the recent U.S. blockade of Cuba.

  • September 29, 1961

    Task for Investigation of an Individual, Residing in Poland

  • September 30, 1961

    Agreement and Lists to the Secret Agreement Between Cuba and the USSR

    An agreement between Cuba and the USSR on the provision of special materials to Cuba and payment for these materials. Three annexes are included. Annex I: lists war materials provided by the USSR in 1961-2. 1/3 of the value paid. Annex II: lists materials in 1962-63. 2/3 of the value paid. AnnexIII: lists materials in 1962-3. Total value paid.

  • October 01, 1961

    Rough Notes from a Conversation (Gromyko, Khrushchev, and Gomulka) on the International Situation, n.d. [October 1961]

  • October 02, 1961

    Memorandum of Conversation between Mao Zedong and Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticos in Beijing

    A conversation about the situations in Venezuela and Peru in regards to their foreign relations with Cuba. Both countries also offer a comparison to the overall situation in both Latin and Central America.

  • October 04, 1961

    Report from the Foreign Visitors Office of the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, 'The Two Major Parties of China and the Soviet Union Have Some Different Opinions, and Vietnam Faces Difficulties'

  • October 04, 1961

    Account on the Reception of the Delegation of Our Party by Comrade Kim Il Sung and the Talks that Took Place in this Meeting between Him and Comrade Manush

    Ther record of the talk between Kim Il Sung and Manush on the foreign relations of DPRK, especially the DPRK-Soviet relationship.

  • October 05, 1961

    National Intelligence Estimate, NIE 35-61, 'The Outlook for Israel'

    National Intelligence Estimate on Israel concluded that "Israel may have decided to undertake a nuclear weapons program. At a minimum, we believe it has decided to develop its nuclear facilities in such a way as to put it into a position to develop nuclear weapons promptly should it decide to do."

  • October 11, 1961

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Poland, 'Some Noteworthy Situations from the Polish Leadership’s Open Remarks on International Issues'

    The Chinese Embassy reports on Gomułka's foreign policies.

  • October 12, 1961

    From the Diary of S. V. Chervonenko, Transcript of Conversation with General Secretary of the CC CCP, Deng Xiaoping, 30 September 1961

  • October 12, 1961

    Memorandum of Conversation from the Meeting between Vice Premier Li Xiannian and the Albanian Ambassador to China Reis Malile

    Li Xiannian and Reis Malile discuss Albania's position within the socialist bloc and Sino-Albanian trade relations.