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  • March 24, 1962

    Telegram from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security on the Issue of Ethnic Koreans Crossing the Border to Korea

    The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security announces that temporary economic difficulties in China and the failure of local authorities to process legal travel arrangements are the reasons underlying illegal border crossings between China and North Korea.

  • September 10, 1963

    Report from Jilin Province on the Sino-Korean Border Region Usage of Permits [for Border Crossings]

    The Jilin Province Public Security Department reports to the 3rd Bureau of Central Committee Ministry of Public Security and the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the use of border crossing permits among residents in the Sino-Korean border region.

  • October 28, 1963

    Cable from Qiang Xiaochu, 'Premier Kim Received the Study Delegation'

  • September 22, 1964

    Opinions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Receiving the Korean Workers’ Party Delegation

    The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the PRC and DPRK share the same views on all the major issues. It wants to prepare a warm reception for the North Korean delegation, headed by Choe Yong-geon, attending the 15th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. A note attached to the bottom of the message suggests that Choe Yong-geon might have a meeting with Liu Shaoqi.

  • October 20, 1967

    Note on a Conversation with the Acting Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Poland, Comrade Pudisz, on 9 October 1967 between 1000 and 1130 hours in the Polish Embassy

    A short note on North Korea's foreign economic relations with China and the USSR, as well as anti-Korean sentiment in China.