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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 22, 1977

    Telegram 01/02585 from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang

    The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang of the US's commitment to maintain strategic and military balance in the Korean Peninsula, and its continued insistence on South Korean participation in negotiations with the DPRK.

  • March 22, 1977

    Letter to Hugo Abreu on a Conversation between Vice-Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Admiral José Calvente Aranda and the Argentine Ambassador Oscar Camilión

    Abreu reports a conversation in which ambassador Camillión revealed President Videla’s desire to visit Brazil, implying that Itaipu was a sensitive issue, but of domestic nature. The Argentine government suggested a joint declaration on nuclear issues to turn away international suspicions on "the production of the bomb."

  • March 22, 1977

    Vice Chairman Ye Jianying's Speech at the Closing Session of the Central Work Conference

    Ye Jianying praises Mao Zedong, offering a historical overview of his achievements, and says that Hua Guofeng "is raising Chairman Mao’s banner high and continuing his legacy."

  • March 23, 1977

    Memorandum of Conversation between Fidel Castro and Agostinho Neto

    Agostinho Neto was Angola's president.

  • March 23, 1977

    Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Cuban Ambassador to Maputo commented on President Fidel Castro’s trip to some African countries'

    The information obtained by Romania’s ambassador to Maputo by his Cuban counterpart not only continues Castro’s praise of Mengistu’s revolutionary zeal, but also sheds more light on the wide scope of the Cuban President’s endeavors on the African continent.

  • March 28, 1977

    Talks Between A.A.Gromyko and Cyrus Vance

    The main topic of discussion was US President Jimmy Carter's "comprehensive" proposals for the SALT-2 Treaty, views that the Soviets saw as contravening the Vladivostok accords reached with US President Gerald Ford in 1974. The Soviet rejection of Carter's initiative was certainly the newsmaking centerpiece of the Vance visit. Other, more positive, discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the Vienna talks on arms limitations in Central Europe, the Middle East, non-proliferation, Cyprus, and others. Below is a brief sampler.

  • March 31, 1977

    Report from CPSU CC to SED CC, Results of N.V. Podgorny's Visit to Africa (excerpts)

    Report from CPSU CC to SED CC, Results of N.V. Podgorny's Visit to Africa (excerpts) discussing the growing enmity between Ethiopia and Somalia and concerns from African nations over this tension

  • April, 1977

    Abelardo Colomé to Senén Casas

    General Abelardo Colomé was the head of the Cuban Military Mission in Angola; General Senén Casas was Cuba’s first deputy minister of defense.

  • April 01, 1977

    Memorandum of Meeting of South African Prime Minister Vorster, Pik Botha and Brand Fourie on Rhodesia

    Botha describes that neither South Africa nor Rhodesia can count on much support from the United States.

  • April 03, 1977

    Fidel Castro's 1977 Southern Africa Tour: A Report to Honecker (excerpt)

    The following excerpt--from a discussion on 3 April 1977 at the House of the SED Central Committee in East Berlin--contains Castro's impressions of the situations in several southern African countries, (e.g., Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, People's Republic of the Congo), and several guerrilla or liberation groups in the region, such as the African National Congress (ANC), then struggling for power in South Africa, and two groups fighting to rule Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) and the Zimbabwe African Political Union (ZAPU). Also included are Castro's assessments of individual political leaders, remarks about coordination with Moscow, and an over-all conclusion that Africa was the place to inflict a major blow against world imperialism.

  • April 03, 1977

    Transcript of Meeting between East German leader Erich Honecker and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, East Berlin (excerpts)

    Transcript of a meeting between East German leader Erich Honecker and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, East Berlin (excerpts) regarding Castro’s visit to Somalia and Ethiopia, criticizing Siad Barre and discussing the need to help the revolution in Ethiopia

  • April 04, 1977

    Telegram 066502 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    In a telegram to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang describes Kim Il Sung's address to Koreans regarding the DPRK's economic and foreign relations accomplishments in 1976 as well as tasks for 1977.

  • April 05, 1977

    Memorandum, Patsy Mink, Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, to Deputy Secretary of State, 'State Department Views on the Partial Response to PD-8,' with attached memorandum from Warren Chr

    The memorandum describing President Carter's decision to indefinitely defer the commercial reprocessing and recylce of plutonium in the US and Japan's firm position in keeping a reprocessing capability.

  • April 05, 1977

    Telegram 066560 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang reports on the DPRK's concerns about agriculture in the spring of 1977.

  • April 07, 1977

    Plan for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Hungarian Military Counterintelligence Services in 1977–1980

  • April 10, 1977

    Letter from Deng Xiaoping to Chairman Hua Guofeng, Vice Chairman Ye Jianying, and the CCP Central Committee

    Deng Xiaoping offers a self-criticism and says that he endorses the policies of Hua Guofeng.

  • April 10, 1977

    Telegram to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Deputy Director of the United Nations Division

    The Deputy Director of the United Nations Division sends a report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding his observation and view on the Ministrial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of Non-Aligned Countries on New Delhi.

  • April 13, 1977

    Telegram 066567 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang reports to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the discussion of bilateral relations between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, especially regarding the expansion of trade and technological cooperation.

  • April 14, 1977

    Memorandum of Conversation, 'Non-Proliferation and Reprocessing in Japan,' with Attached 'Possible Basis of Japan-US Understanding of Nuclear Fuel Cycle'

    The memorandum describes Japan's hope that the US will recognize an importance of plutonium technology for Japan and its desire to continue plutonium research and development activities.

  • April 15, 1977

    Informational Note on the Meeting of the Representatives of International Departments of Six Fraternal Parties

    The CPSU, PUWP, SED, CPCz, HWSP, and BCP met to discuss an upcoming conference devoted to the discussion of the “Problems of Peace and Socialism.” China was another focus of the meeting, particularly the implications of the expansion of its industrial-military complex.