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Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1971-1972

This collection consists of select South Korean, Romanian, (East) German, and Bulgarian archival documents on the inter-Korean dialogue in 1971 and 1972. For collections focused on other chapters in the inter-Korean relationship, see Inter-Korean Relations after the War, 1954-1961; Inter-Korean Competition, 1961-1970; Demise of Detente in Korea, 1973-1975; and Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1977-1980.

  • January 20, 1972

    Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

    Updates concerning Park Chung Hee's New Years speech on peaceful unification, Red Cross negotiations, and ROK refusal of dual admission of the Koreas into the UN, and the 14th preliminary North-South Red Cross negotiations.

  • January 27, 1972

    Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

    Update concerning the defense of Seoul, 15th preliminary Red Cross negotiations, and Japan's apparent establishment of links with North Korea and its emissary to North Korea for personal and economic exchanges.

  • January 29, 1972

    Preliminary Conference between Delegates of North and South Korea

    This conversation focuses on the delegate of the North suggesting that both parties should carry letters of confidence to prove both of their legitimacy, but the delegate of the South believes this is unnecessary

  • February 04, 1972

    Report by Dr. Pataki János, 'The visit of Korean councilor Ahn Gi-son'

    A report from Dr.Pataki Janos on the visit of North Korean councilor Ahn Gi-Son, and their discussion of North Korea’s views on various UN issues.

  • February 09, 1972

    Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

    Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a report concerning the 17th preliminary meeting of the ROK and the DPRK Red Cross organizations, points of concession indicated at the 17th preliminary meeting of the North-South Red Cross organizations, the interview of Premier Kim Il Sung, and "Japan-DPRK trade agreement," etc.

  • February 23, 1972

    Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

    Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on the 19th ROK-DPRK Red Cross preliminary meeting, the first session of the Commission for 1972, a briefing for UNCURK, Japan-DPRK trade and other "relations", and statement of the ROK Foreign Minister on pre-conditions towards a Korean settlement.

  • February 23, 1972

    Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

    Update on UNCURK committee meetings, 19th preliminary Red Cross negotiations, ROK statement on preconditions for Korean settlement, and expedition of Japan-DPRK trade relationship.

  • March 01, 1972

    Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

    Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on representatives on UNCURK, new economic measures of the ROK, and working-level meeting of the North-South Red Cross Organizations.

  • March 07, 1972

    Preliminary Meeting between Delegates of North and South Korea focusing on Official Visits

    This meeting lays out the specific procedure of how official visits are to be carried out between North Korea and South Korea.

  • March 08, 1972

    Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

    Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on Mr. Marshall Green's visit to the ROK, the doubling of Japan-DPRK trade during 1972, ROK-DPRK Red Cross talks: 3th working committee meeting, and USSR-DPRK contacts.

  • March 10, 1972

    Preliminary Meeting Between Delegates of North and South Korea During Which the Details of Official Visits Laid Out by the South are Accepted

    This exchange is the North's response to their previous meeting during which the South laid out the specific details it had in mind for official visits. The North accepts thyese details and awaits the next meeting where the South will give a specific time for its official visit to the North.

  • March 13, 1972

    Note on a Conversation with the 1st Secretary of the USSR Embassy, Comrade Kurbatov, on 10 March 1972 in the GDR Embassy

    During the conversation there was an exchange of opinions on the following questions: 1. The DPRK Position on the Nixon Visit to Beijing and its Influence on the Situation in Korea, 2. Conversation of Comrade Brezhnev with Foreign Minister Ho Dam in Moscow, 3. Some Aspects of KWP Activity in the Communist World Movement, 4. 60th Birthday of Kim Il Sung on 15 April

  • March 14, 1972

    Preliminary Discussion between North and South Korea at the Freedom House in Panmunjeom on Official Visits

    During this meeting the details of official visits are discussed with the South stating that Jang Gi-yeong (ex-Vice Premier and current President of Hankook Ilbo) and his assistant Jeoung Tae- Yyeon (Hankook Ilbo correspondent to Japan) would visit the North at 12:00, April 25th. Further, the delegate from North Korea suggests that their should be a meeting between such high-ranking officials as Lee Hu-rak (Director of the KCIA) and Kim Yeong-ju (the Director of Organization and Guidance) with the North in agreement to this proposal

  • March 16, 1972

    Preliminary Meeting between Delegates of North and South Korea Discussing Official Visits and Laying the Groundwork for a Meeting between High-Ranking Officials

    The North presses for Jang Gi-yeong to visit earlier, while announcing that Kim Yeong-ju agrees with the suggestion to meet with Lee Hu-rak.

  • March 17, 1972

    Preliminary Meeting between Kim Deok-hyun and Jeong Hong-jin

    South Korea suggests that the delgates of North and South Korea, respectively Kim Deok-hyun and Jeong Hong-jin, visit each respective capitol in order to make arrangements for a high-level meeting between Lee Hu-rak and Kim Yeong-ju

  • March 17, 1972

    Protocols of the Talks between the Mongolian and the North Korean Government Delegations

    Officials of the Mongolian People's Republic and the North Korea discuss North Korea's view on inter-Korean relations regarding reunification, the Park Chung Hee regime in South Korea, and their diplomatic orientation toward other socialist states.

  • March 28, 1972

    Conversation with Kim Yeong-ju (1)

    Jeong Hong-jin meets with Kim Yeong-ju and delivers a message to him from Lee Hu-rak, who expresses that he must meet with Kim as soon as possible in order to bring about peaceful unification and the exchange of material and human resources that will facilitate this. In response, Kim Yeong-ju delivers his own message focusing specifically on mutual distrust, political differences, and the need to pool economic resources.

  • March 31, 1972

    Conversation with Kim Yeong-ju (2)

    Kim Yeong-ju delivers a final message to Lee Hu-rak in which he requests him to visit on April 12th, prior to a public proposal he is to make. Also, he discusses a like visit of Kim Deok-hyeon to the South, though he leaves the date of his visit to be discussed later

  • April 14, 1972

    Report from Etre Sándor, 'Information from the leader, and the referent of the Hungarian subdivision at the DPRK's Foreign Affairs Ministry.'

    A report by Etre Sandor on his visit to North Korea, in which he spoke with the North Korean Foreign Ministry about Hungarian-Korean relations and Korean reunification.

  • April 19, 1972

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    Pak Seong-cheol tells his Hungarian colleagues that the Park Chung Hee regime is facing crises internally as well as externally.