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CIA Reports on the Collapse of Communism in Europe

This collection contains Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analysis on developments in Eastern and Central Europe from 1989-1990. Made up mostly of the CIA's National Intelligence Dailys (NIDs), the documents discuss internal political change within Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia, as well as the Soviet Union's changing relations with and strategies towards these states. The documents were released to coincide with the conference "The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe: A 30-Year Legacy," co-organized by the History and Public Policy Program and the Central Intelligence Agency on December 10, 2019. Certain sensitive information has been withheld and is redacted in the documents. Other portions of documents are marked “NR record” or “non-responsive,” meaning that the information is unrelated to the events in Eastern Europe. For more information, see the CIA's Electronic Reading Room. See also the Digital Archive collection, "End of the Cold War."

  • December 19, 1989

    Romania: Antiregime Protests

    An analysis of the Timisoara and Arad protests and their effect on Ceausescu's rule.

  • December 19, 1989

    Romania: Hungarians Outraged, Soviets Quiet So Far

    An analysis of the Hungarian National Assembly's condemnation of Romania's efforts to crush dissent.An analysis of the Hungarian National Assembly's condemnation of Romania's efforts to crush dissent.

  • December 20, 1989

    Romania: Unrest Spreading

    An analysis of escalating demonstrations in Romania and their threat to Ceausescu's rule.

  • December 21, 1989

    Romania: Ceausescu Faces the Nation

    An analysis of Ceausescu's public recognition of the demonstrations.

  • December 21, 1989

    USSR: Lithuanian Party Declares Independence

    An analysis of the Lithuanian Party's declaration of independence from the Soviet Communist Party.An analysis of the Lithuanian Party's declaration of independence from the Soviet Communist Party.

  • December 22, 1989

    East Germany: Modrow Against the Tide

    An analysis of Premier Modrow's efforts to rally support for the continued independence of East Germany.

  • December 22, 1989

    Romania: Situation Report

    An analysis of the deterioration of Ceausescu's regime in Romania and its effects on stability.

  • December 23, 1989

    Romania: Situation Report

    An analysis of the National Salvation Front and their decisions to reform Romania.

  • December 28, 1989

    Albania: Resisting the Dominoes

    An analysis of the Albanian leadership's efforts to stem an upheaval like that in Romania.

  • December 28, 1989

    Romania: Ceausescu-Era Remnants Turning Up in and Around New Government

    An analysis of Ceausescu hardliners and their efforts to integrate themselves with the National Salvation Front.

  • December 28, 1989

    Romania: New Regime Consolidating Security

    An analysis of the new government's efforts to eliminate the threat posed by Securitate troops.

  • December 29, 1989

    Yugoslavia: Party Endorses End to political Monopoly

    An analysis of the Yugoslav Communist Party Central Committee's decision to eliminate the Party's political monopoly.

  • January 11, 1990

    Special Analysis: Romania: New Regime Under Fire Still has Lead

    An analysis of the economic turmoil in Romania and its effects on the National Salvation Front's authority.

  • January 12, 1990

    Poland: Communist Party Trying to Save Itself

    An analysis of the Polish Communist Party's decision to dissolve itself and form a broader "Socialist" party.

  • January 13, 1990

    Romania: New Regime Under Fire

    An analysis of protests against the National Salvation Front and its decision to outlaw the Communist Party.

  • January 16, 1990

    Bulgaria: Prospects for Roundtable Talks

    An analysis of roundtable talks between the Communist Party, Agrarian Party, and opposition groups.

  • January 16, 1990

    Gorbachev's Visit to Lithuania

    An analysis of Gorbachev's trip to Lithuania and his failure to stop the secession of its Communist Party from the Soviet Union.

  • January 17, 1990

    Special Analysis: Albania: Intimations of Another Romania

    An analysis of the political climate in East/Central Europe and the Albanian President's concerns that his regime will fall.

  • January 19, 1990

    USSR: Foreign Ministry Says Baltics to be Independent

    An analysis of the Soviet Foreign Ministry's position to establish an eight-year transition period for Baltic states' independence and to refrain from using force.

  • January 19, 1990

    Germany: Strengthening Party-to-Party Ties

    An analysis of efforts of West German political parties to shape elections in East Germany.