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Ceausescu's Diplomacy in the Middle East

(Image: Yasser Arafat and Nicolae Ceausescu meet in Bucharest in February, 1974)

  • August 22, 1981

    Col. Horia Brestoiu and Lt. Col. Ioan Ciobanu, No. 0620/0013646

    Report about Abu Nidal and his work developing the revolutionary group Al Fatah.

  • November 07, 1981

    Lt. Ioan Plugaru, No. PI/00124, 'Report regarding the Intelligence obtained by Contacting ‘ALBU’, Foreigner'

    Report on Palestinian feeling about the death of Sadat and Romania sending a representative to the funeral. The report also describes tensions and the need for Yasser Arafat to deal with them.

  • July 23, 1982

    Captain Ion Iordache, No. 32/II/0012309/23.07.1982, 'Memo [on a Meeting with "MARIAN"]'

    Memo about information coming from PLO informants about the Israeli invasion into Lebanon and the ensuing conflict.