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Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

Documents on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that began in December 1979. The documents begin before the war, spanning from 1968 to 2004. They come from various sources, though a large number are from Russian archives. The collection contains many different types of documents, but a large number of them are memos, cables, and Politburo decisions. Hafizullah Amin, the then president of Afghanistan, was the main target of the Soviet invasion, which successfully assassinated him on December 27. The later documents include commentary on the later stages of the war and the Soviet withdrawal. (Image, abandoned Soviet tank)

  • 1999

    Background of Hafizullah Amin

    A background of H. Amin's childhood, interest in politics, and political activities in Afghanistan.

  • 1999

    Dossiers of political parties intent on exporting an Islamic revolution

    A Dossier reviewing the origins and policies of Islamic political parties, including: The Organization of Fighters of Afghanistan for Islam, The Movement of the Islamic Revolution (DIR), The Council of Islamic Accord (SIS), The Islamic Movement of Afghanistan (IDA), The United Front of the Islamic Revolution (OFIR), The Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Jihad of Afghanistan (KSIRA), The Party of Victory (“Nasr”), The Party of Allah (“Hezbe Allah”).

  • 1999

    Dossiers of rebel field commanders

    A Soviet analysis of counterrevolutionary commanders in Afghanistan.

  • 1999

    Dossiers of Alliance-7 Rebel Leaders

    Background information on political leaders in Afghanistan who fought against Soviet occupation.