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Digital Archive International History Declassified


Collections contain selected sets of historical documents related to a specific topic, region, or event.

  • The 1995 NPT Review and Extension Conference

    25 years after the Non-Prolfieration Treaty (NPT) came into force, parties to the treaty met to decide if the NPT would be continued indefinitely.

  • The Algerian Revolution and the Communist Bloc

    The onset of the Algerian War of Independence in November 1954 was an important development in the international history of the Cold War.

  • The Overseas Chinese and the Cold War

    The Overseas Chinese were often at the forefront of the People’s Republic of China’s Cold War.

  • The Second Asian-African Conference

    In 1964-1965, countries in Asia and Africa sought to convene the Second Asian-African Conference, a follow up to the 1955 Bandung Meeting.

  • The Six-Day War (1967)

    This collection gives insight into the thought processes of global decision-makers as the events of the 1967 War, or Six-Day War, unfolded.

  • The Soviet Union in the Horn of Africa

    A selection of documents used in the writing of "The Soviet Union and the Horn of Africa during the Cold War: Between Ideology and Pragmatism"

  • The Two Koreas and the Third World

    During the Cold War, the two Koreas competed for recognition and legitimacy across the Third World.

  • The Two Koreas and the Vietnam War

    With the involvement of both South and North Korea, the Vietnam War became a microcosm of the inter-Korean struggle.

  • The Yi-ta Incident, 1962

    During the “Yi-Ta Incident” of spring 1962, 60,000 Kazakhs and Uyghurs fled from Xinjiang in China's northwest into the Soviet Union.

  • Todor Zhivkov Collection

    Leader of Bulgaria from 1954 until the fall of the Soviet Union, this collection contains documents by and about Todor Zhivkov.

  • Ukrainian Nuclear History

    Documents on Ukraine's nuclear history.

  • United States Non-Recognition Policy

    In 1940, the United States condemned the Soviet occupation of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

  • United States-North Korea Relations

    Enmity and hostility have characterized United States-North Korea relations since 1948, but openings for improve relations have appeared.

  • United States-Soviet Relations

    Documents on the often adversarial relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

  • USS Pueblo Crisis

    In January 1968, North Korea seized the USS Pueblo and its American crew.

  • Vassiliev Notebooks

    Notebooks and loose pages kept by Alexander Vassiliev while researching in the KGB archives in the mid-1990s.

  • Vietnam War

    This is a large collection of primary source documents all related to the the Vietnam War

  • Warsaw Pact

    Documents on the Eastern Bloc military and security organization dominated by the Soviet Union.