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October 18, 1972


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    An update on the progress of the pre-CSCE agenda negotiations
    "About Some Current Questions Concerning the Multilateral Preparations for the European Security Conference," October 18, 1972, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PA AA: MfAA C 372/78
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Status: 18 October 1972[1] [2]

About some current questions concerning the multilateral preparations for the European Security Conference
(Source: Grundsatzabteilung)[3]

On the state of the discussion about the agenda

The discussion about the agenda of the security conference is still about the 3 items that were proposed by the Warsaw Treaty states in their Prague Declaration.[4] The Prague Declaration's basic principles have also become the main point of departure for opinion-forming. This found its expression in US Secretary of State Rogers, Swedish Prime Minister Palme, and Chancellor Brandt arguing in favour of an agreement about basic principles for relations between states with differing social systems.
However, by aiming at ideological subversion they try to give the Warsaw Treaty states' proposals a different content, as well as trying to conclude concrete measures according to their conception of "freer movement of ideas, information and people". One can already realise that, aside from the principles rooted in the UN charter, they are trying to put the principles of the human rights declaration in the centre of discussions.


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