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March 31, 1972


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    Kim Yeong-ju delivers a final message to Lee Hu-rak in which he requests him to visit on April 12th, prior to a public proposal he is to make. Also, he discusses a like visit of Kim Deok-hyeon to the South, though he leaves the date of his visit to be discussed later
    "Conversation with Kim Yeong-ju (2)," March 31, 1972, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, South Korean Foreign Ministry Archive.
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Date and Time: March 31, 1972 11:30-11:40
Location: Heungbu Reception Area, Pyongyang

JEONG Hong-jin Director of Conference Management, Conference Office, Korean Red Cross

KIM Yeong-ju Director of Organization and Guidance Department, Workers' Party of Korea
KIM Joong-lin Secretary of the Central Committee, Workers' Party of Korea
KIM Deok-hyeon Chief Officer of the Political Bureau, Central Committee, Workers' Party of Korea

JEONG: Did you have a good night's sleep? I'd like to bid farewell to you before I leave. I greatly appreciate your hospitality during my visit.

KIM: It is a good thing that we treat each other with respect. Was there anything uncomfortable? I don't have a particular message……

We must overcome our differences in political view, religion and faith.

We must reach the reunification of our nation. For the things we can draw closer, we must draw closer and for the things that we should overlook, we must do so. I don't have a particular message but please deliver the following message to

Director Lee Hu-rak.

1. I received your personal letter with gratitude. I am thankful for your kindness.

2. I would like to meet you soon and have a candid conversation.

3. I would like to express some personal opinions regarding Director Lee Hu-rak's visit. It is favorable for us that Director Lee visits before April 12th. I will send a trusted high-ranking official to Panmunjeom or Wonsan to greet Director Lee. I will warmly welcome Director Lee and believe we are able to handle the conferences and conversations without diplomacy.

4. The reason for setting the date as April 12th is because I have a public proposition to make and believe it is better that I discuss the issue with Director Lee prior to the proposal. After I hear Director Lee's thoughts, why would I make unilateral a proposition? I enthusiastically welcome Director Lee's suggestions. It is the reason why I suggest that he visits us in the near future.

5. As a return (for Jeong's visit) I would like to send our delegate. The dates are to be discussed. I will consider sending comrade Kim Deok-hyeon, or comrade Kim accompanied by other officials. I will discuss them with the other officials.
6. I will send him a personal letter. The letter will include details about the invitation for Director Lee Hu-rak and the issue regarding when to visit.

JEONG: Farewell. I will deliver your messages and your kind hospitality to Director Lee.

KIM: Please deliver my regards to Director Lee and have a safe trip.