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October, 1988


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    A memo from the Polish United Workers' Party that Sino-Polish relations have been fully normalized. A series of efforts and initiatives to further normalization are outlined.
    "The Party Cooperation between the PUWP and the CCP," October, 1988, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Polish Central Archives of Modern Records (AAN), KC PZPR, LXXVI-717. Obtained and translated by Malgorzata K. Gnoinska.
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The party cooperation between the PUWP and the CCP

We are pleased to state that in the past years, after the reactivation of party contacts, a significant revival of cooperation between the Polish United Workers' Party and the Communist Chinese Party took place.

The talks at the highest levels, which took place in the course of the visits in Beijing (1986) by I Secretary CC PUWP, Chairman of the State of Poland, Comrade W. Jaruzelski, as well as the talks during the official visit in Poland (1987) of Secretary General CC CCP Comrade Zhao Zhiyang. They confirmed…most of all, the common ideologies, the goal of building socialism, and the struggle to strengthen peace and international security.

While entering into cooperation, the PUWP and CCP followed the principle that each party builds socialism according to the existing realities in one's own country and it is being assessed by its own working class and by its own people. Each party contributes its original rich theory and practice of building socialism to the overall treasury of experiences of building socialism all over the world.

Both parties see mutual learning of one's own experiences, building socialism, and exchanging views on key problems in international politics as vital to fostering the party cooperation.

In the beginning of 1987, a delegation of the CC CCP International Communications Department paid a visit to Poland and conducted working talks on the directions and forms of bilateral party cooperation. In September 1987, a delegation of the CC PUWP International Department visited the PRC. As the result of these talks and contacts, a plan for party cooperation was approved for 1988-1989. It encompasses the exchange of delegations headed by the highest party members, the exchange of study groups, lecturers, establishing cooperation through central party schools, central organs of the party press, and the exchange of vacationing party groups. This plan is already in the stages of implementation.


The meetings and talks in the PRC, conducted by the representatives of our party [in 1987 and 1988] contributed to a better understanding of our domestic situation and the activities of our party in overcoming internal difficulties and the processes of normalization. They also facilitated an exchange of information and views resulting from the resolutions of the Tenth Congress of the PUWP and the XIII Congress of the CCP, the international situation, and bilateral cooperation.

These meetings also had a positive effect on deepening our mutual understanding and fostered the Sino-Polish cooperation. We see the need to conduct frequent meetings of the representatives of our parties to create an indispensible and good climate to further deepen and develop our overall bilateral cooperation.

The exchange of study and consultative groups of individual departments of the central committee constitutes a fruitful form of party cooperation.

The PUWP received a CCP study group in order for them to become familiar with the ideas of the political structural reforms, while the CCP hosted a study group from the CC PUWP Department of Social and Economic Policy (1988) to become familiar with new issues of planning in the conditions of reform, as well as the policy of opening the Chinese economic reform.

The editors from the Trybuna Ludu and Nowe Drogi paid visits in China, and the established cooperation found its reflection in the publication, as well as in dispatching a Trybuna Ludu correspondent to Beijing.

Party schools also entered into cooperation. The Academy of Social Studies of the CC PUWP hosted the delegation of the CC CCP Central Party School…

We are also satisfactorily carrying out the exchange of study-holiday groups…We inform each other about the current social and political situation in our countries and the activities of our parties.

We are also developing and strengthening the cooperation between political bodies, social organizations, and youth unions.


We can now state that the relations between our parties have been fully normalized, and the party cooperation will play an increasingly greater role in stimulating and initiating the overall Sino-Polish relations. The approved plan for cooperation between the CCP and the PUWP for 1988-1989 is being carried out without any disturbances.

The CC PUWP International Department
Warsaw, October 1988