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January 20, 1967


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    Record of Conversation between N.V. Podgorny and Ambassador of the DPRK in the USSR Kim Chunbong in which the two discuss the state of Soviet-North Korean relations, the Vietnam War, the situation in the Demilitarized Zone, and North Korea's relations with China.
    "Record of Conversation between N.V. Podgorny and Ambassador of the DPRK in the USSR Kim Chunbong," January 20, 1967, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AVPRF, fond 0102, opis 23, papka 110, delo 3, pp. 10-12. Translated for NKIDP by Sergey Radchenko.
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In the course of the conversation, which took place after the DPRK ambassador presented his credentials, N.V. Podgorny told the ambassador that the Soviet people are satisfied with the development of party and state relations between the USSR and the DPRK, especially in recent years. N.V. Podgorny noted that we attach particular importance to the meetings and conversations with com. Kim Il Sung that took place last year in Vladivostok and Moscow. The Communist Party and the Soviet Government are doing all they can in order to continue to strengthen the traditional friendship and co-operation between the Soviet and Korean peoples. One of the examples of the successful development of our friendly relations is the forthcoming visit to Moscow of the government delegation of the DPRK, headed by com. Kim Il, for discussion of economic questions.

Kim Chunbong replied that the leaders of the KWP and the DPRK government are also happy with the state of – and desire the development of – Soviet-Korean relations. Com. Kim Il Sung reported to the Politburo regarding the results of the negotiations in Moscow, and the Politburo praised [these results] highly. […]

Continuing the conversation, N.V. Podgorny told Kim Chunbong about the aid provided by the Soviet Union to the Vietnamese people in the struggle against American aggression. He remarked that the aid of the Soviet Union and of other socialist countries would be still more effective if the Chinese leaders did not refuse co-operation with us in this important matter. However, the PRC leadership, which is busy with the implementation of the “cultural revolution” in their own country, is letting the Americans know that they will not change their position, which is in effect to the USA's benefit, if the latter does not touch China. N.V. Podgorny inquired his interlocutor's opinion about the Chinese “cultural revolution.”

Kim Chunbong replied that despite the lengthy border between the DPRK and China, the “cultural revolution” does not influence the Korean side. The situation in the party and the country is solid. As far as the support for the struggle of the Vietnamese people is concerned, the DPRK is doing its best to provide the DRV with aid.

In reply to N.V. Podgorny's question about the situation along the demarcation line in Korea, the ambassador said that the American and the puppet forces have not stopped provocations against our side. The situation on the 38th parallel is always tense. That is why we maintain the condition of complete battle-readiness, so as to repel any incursion by the enemy. At the same time the ambassador hinted that keeping tensions high along the demarcation line is a kind of help for the Vietnamese people, because it is distracting a part of the US forces from Vietnam.

N.V. Podgorny stressed that the USSR and the DPRK are tied with the treaty of friendship, co-operation and mutual help, which serves as a reliable guarantee for the DPRK in repelling possible attacks upon her security. Soviet military forces are standing guard for the interests of the socialist camp. The imperialists cannot fail to take these circumstances into account, and they will hardly attempt to attack the DPRK. […]