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November 13, 1989


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    Information Note from the Romanian Embassy in Sofia to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the change in leadership in the CPB and plans to deal with organizational questions as well as for Bulgaria and the Soviet Union to develop bilateral relations
    "Information Note from the Romanian Embassy in Sofia to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," November 13, 1989, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AMAE, Sofia/1989, vol. 3, pp. 171-172. Translated for CWIHP by Mircea Munteanu
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13 November 1989, 09:45 pm

[Foreign Affairs] Minister, Cde. Ioan Stoian,

Regarding the situation in Bulgaria, we [would like to] inform you [that]: following the change in leadership in the CPB, preparations are underway for a plenum of the CC of the CPB which will deal with organizational questions. The session is scheduled to take place in the next few days. Following, the meeting of the People's Assembly [Bulgarian Parliament] will take place on 17 November. [It] will also deal with problems in the [CPB] organizational structure and membership.

As far as [we] know, a change in the Politburo and the Secretariat of the CC of the CPB, as well as changes in the government and Council of State, are scheduled to take place.

When Petar Mladenov was elected as Secretary General of the CC of the CPB, a proposal that he be named President of the Council of State was also made. [However,] Petar Mladenov objected and suggested that the two positions be separated. There was no decision made [regarding this proposal]. The suggestion is being carefully assessed. After finding solutions to the organizational problems [plaguing] the CPB, a new plenum of the CC of the CPB will be organized which will deal with current situation in Bulgaria and will adopt measures meant to accelerate the process of restructuring socio-political and economic life [in the country].

The [political] state of affairs in the country is peaceful and the activity [of the population] goes on normally. The illegal organization Ecoglasnost is insisting that it be recognized [as a political organization]. [It] has planned, for the next few days, the organization of street demonstrations.

Its request [for permission to organize the demonstration] is being analyzed by the Bulgarian leadership and it is expected that it will be approved.

Today, the Politburo of the CC CPB has decided to reinstate in the Party some members who were recently excluded, among whom were university professors, members of the cultural elite, as well as the wife of Stanko Todorov, the President of the People's Assembly. In politico-diplomatic circles in Sofia it is speculated that, in the decision adopted at the 10 November plenary meeting [of the CC CPB], a major role was played by the evolution of events in the GDR, including the minutes of the [1 November 1989] Gorbachev-Krenz conversation made available to the Bulgarian leadership by the Soviets.

In the same light is viewed the telephone conversation which took place today between Mikhail Gorbachev and Petar Mladenov regarding the changes taking place in Bulgaria and the reaffirmation of the desire to develop the bilateral relationship between Bulgaria and the Soviet Union. The written press and the Bulgarian Television have taken note of articles in the Romanian mass media regarding the changes taking place in Bulgaria, stressing the statements regarding the role of the party and the development of socialism. On 12 November, during its daily news magazine, the Bulgarian Television confirmed that, in our country, the Romanian Communist Party's (PCR) district councils have ended their deliberations in connection with the upcoming 14th PCR Congress and that Cde. Nicolae Ceausescu has been unanimously nominated to the position of Secretary General of the CC PCR.

(ss)[Ambassador] Vasile Pungan