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September 01, 1981


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    Soviet Military Intelligence assess the equipment provided to Afghan counterrevolutionaries by the US, Britian, Egypt, and Pakistan.
    "A Report by Soviet Military Intelligence," September 01, 1981, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, A. A. Lyakhovskiy’s “Plamya Afgana” (“Flame of the Afghanistan veteran”)”, Iskon, Moscow, 1999. Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg
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…recently the US, the countries of Western Europe, and Egypt together with Pakistan have noticeably stepped up aid to the Afghan counterrevolutionaries. In order to coordinate the activity in this direction a working group has been created in Islamabad which includes officials of the General Staff and military intelligence [ISI] of Pakistan and representatives of the US, British, and Egyptian embassies. At a meeting of the group they discuss specific operations to conduct subversive operations and the participation of individual countries in organizing the rebel movement on DRA territory. In particular, the training of saboteurs and terrorists is done in the FRG where by the end of 1980 a number of centers operate to teach guerilla warfare methods to Pakistani servicemen and persons of Afghan nationality. The period of training is set at 1.5 months. In the first half of September the next group of saboteurs flew to the FRG for training.

Egypt is increasing deliveries of modern weapons to the Afghan counterrevolutionaries (Kalashnikov rifles, ground-to-air missiles, light anti-aircraft weapons, explosives, and mines with a timing device). Weapons are delivered to Peshawar at night on C-130 aircraft; instructors for military training of counterrevolutionaries on Pakistani territory periodically fly on them, including Americans.

Recently Britain has also stepped up its participation in subversive activity against the DRA government. Thus, in the first half of September of this year a group of 10 British experts in organizing guerilla warfare arrived in Pakistan. The mission of the group, which is now located in areas bordering the DRA, includes the comprehensive study in the field of the present situation of the “civil war”…and preparation of a report with specific proposals about the forms of practical participation for Britain to give assistance.