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July 14, 1978


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    A decision by the Central Committee regarding continued support of the Ethiopian regime under Mengistu
    "CPSU CC Politburo Decision," July 14, 1978, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, APRF, f. 3, op. 91, d. 272, ll. 140-143; translated by Mark Doctoroff.
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CPSU CC Politburo Decision,
14 July 1978
Communist Party of the Soviet Union. CENTRAL COMMITTEE


No. P112/IX
To Comrades: Brezhnev, Kosygin, Andropov, Gromyko, Kirilenko, Mazurov, Suslov, Ponomarev, Rusakov, Arkhipov, Katushev, Baibakov, Martynov, Zolotukhin, Patolichev, Skachkov, Garbuzov, Smirtiukov.
Extract from protocol No. 112 of the CC CPSU Politburo session of 14 July 1978
About measures for the future strengthening of Soviet-Ethiopian relations

1. Agree with the thoughts contained in the note of the MFA USSR, the International department, CC CPSU, and KGB USSR of 11 July 1978 (attached).

2. Affirm the draft of instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Addis-Ababa (attached)

3. Assign Gosplan USSR, Gossnab USSR, [Minzag] USSR, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the KGB USSR, and the GKES to review the request of the Ethiopian side and within three weeks in the prescribed manner to submit corresponding proposals, including one about providing assistance to Ethiopia in relation to the drought and one about a delay in payment for the general civilian goods which were delivered for the Ethiopian army.

Assign the appropriate agencies and organizations to confirm the progress made in fulfilling the obligations of the Soviet side on agreements and contracts that were concluded. Accelerate the realization of achieved agreements with the government of Ethiopian regarding the creation of Soviet-Ethiopian commission on economic cooperation.

Assign the permanent Soviet representative at the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance to present ideas regarding the provision by the members of the CMEA of assistance to the economic development of Ethiopia on a multilateral basis.

Re: Point IX Prot. No. 112



According to the communication from the Soviet Ambassador in Addis-Ababa, and also according to the information from the Cuban friends, facts are taking place which bear witness to manifestations of nationalistic moods among certain parts of the Ethiopian leadership following the victory over Somalia in the Ogaden, which already is beginning to exert a negative influence on Ethiopia's relations with several countries of the Socialist community (spec. No. 695 of 6\30\78). From the Ethiopian side, in particular, a certain dissatisfaction is being expressed regarding the progress of cooperation with these countries above all in the economic area, complaints connected with the development of trade-economic relations, not always grounded in fact, are being put forth. This type of mood in one way or another shows up in the approach of the Ethiopian leadership to a resolution of the Eritrean issue.

The MFA USSR, the CC CPSU International Department, and the KGB USSR consider it expedient to implement a range of steps from our side in order to neutralize these types of moods in the Ethiopian leadership. It would make sense to assign the Soviet ambassador in Addis-Ababa to have a conversation with the chairman of the PMAC, during which in an open and friendly way opinions would be exchanged about the future development of Soviet-Ethiopian relations, stressing the immutablity of the policy of the Soviet Union of multi-sided support and assistance to the Ethiopian revolution.

Taking into account the conversation with Mengistu it would be possible to review the issue of conducting a comradely exchange of opinions with the leadership of Cuba and the GDR about the current situation in Ethiopia.

Assign the corresponding Soviet agencies to carefully review the requests of the Ethiopian side vis-a-vis economic issues, and to submit proposals aimed at improving Soviet-Ethiopian economic cooperation.
Please review.

A. Gromyko Iu. Andropov B. Ponomarev
11 July 1978

[Source: APRF, f. 3, op. 91, d. 272, ll. 140-143; translated by Mark Doctoroff.]