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September 18, 1968


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    Report on and transcript of an anonymous propaganda leaflet found among Ukrainian students, on the situation in Czechoslovakia.
    "Report on and Copy of Pro-Czech Propaganda in the Ukraine," September 18, 1968, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, TsDAHOU, F. 1, Op. 25, Spr. 64, Ll. 59-60.
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No. B-40-151

18 September 1968

To the Central Committee of the Ukrainian CP

The Kyiv municipal committee of the Ukrainian CP has learned that on 16 September 1968 an anonymous leaflet appealing to students at the T. G. Shevchenko Kyiv State University was found and sent from Kyiv to the head of the university committee.

The text of the leaflet was prepared on a typewriter in Russian script and signed by a group known as “Voice of the People.”

The state security organs are seeking to identify the author and typist of this leaflet.
Attachment: photocopy of the text of the leaflet in 2 languages

Secretary of the Kyiv Municipal
Committee of the Ukrainian CP



Comrade Students!

You are the intellect and heart of the Country and Nation! You are the light of verity and the rays of truth! You are the conscience and soul of the people!

It is your obligation and your duty before the people:

1. To struggle against the runaway bureaucratism of the ruling-party bureaucrats.

2. To wage a merciless struggle against loathsome censorship, which whitewashes everything and is inimical to the nation.

3. To struggle against the parisitism of the privileged party class, demand the elimination of food stores reserved exclusively for party bosses, demand that special hospitals be closed, and organize a march against the pillaging of collective farms and state farms by oblast, municipal, and district party bosses.

5. To struggle against the regime of personalized power and the bosses who hold power in oblast, municipal, district, republic, and all-union establishments and institutions.

6. To speak out against the falsification of elections for people's deputies.

7. To struggle for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.

8. You must harshly denounce the bosses, who are frightening the people and surrounding themselves with a dim-witted, stony, and fawning protective guard.

Follow the example of the French, Yugoslav, Czechoslovak, and Spanish students.

It is time to cast off the yoke and smash the willfully despotic and tyrannical clique of crazed bosses. Down with despotism and whitewashing propaganda. Return to Leninist freedom and Leninist democracy.

Voice of the People.