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March 14, 1980


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    This resolution and the attached documents give the plans for future Soviet cooperation with the Sandinista National Liberation Front in Nicaragua.
    "CPSU CC Resolution, 14 March 1980," March 14, 1980, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGANI (formerly TsKhSD), f. 89, op. 31, d. 38, ll. 41.
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On the signing of the plan of relations between the CPSU and the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Nicaragua.

I. Approve a plan of relations between the CPSU and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (SFNL) of Nicaragua for 1980-1981 years. (enclosed).

2. Make the reception, service and organization of work with delegations of leaders of SFNL, a responsibility of Department of international affairs, Department of party-organizational work, Department of propaganda, Department of CC CPSU affairs.

(see further)


Expenses, connected with the arrival and stay of the delegations of SFNL in the USSR, and also with sending delegations of party leaders of CPSU and soviet lecturers to Nicaragua, put on party budget account.

3. Commission the rectorate of the Institute of social sciences at CC CPSU to perform organizational-practical and Scientific-methodical assistance in providing a learning process in the Sandinista school at National council of SFNL.




of connections between CPSU and Sandinista National Liberation Front (SFNL) of Nicaragua for 1980-1981 years.

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (SFNL) of Nicaragua, following the mutual wish of developing the relations on the basis of friendship and solidarity, note that mutual adherence to the ideals of peace, national liberation, democracy and scientific socialism form pleasant opportunities for cooperation and, being led by the interests of unanimity of anti-imperialistic forces, decided on following events in the sphere of two-side relations for 1980-1981.

I. Exchange of party delegations.

1. Soviet side will receive yearly two delegations of SFNL consisting of up to 5 people, each delegation for up to 14 days for familiarization with experience of CPSU in party organization, ideological work and management of local party organizations.

2. Nicaragua side will receive yearly one delegation of party workers of CPSU consisting of 3-4 people for familiarization with actions of SFNL for up to 12 days.

II. Cooperation in preparing political workers.

1. Soviet side will receive for education in the Institute of social sciences at CC CPSU:

- in 1980 year a group of members of SFNL in amount of 35 people in April (for 2 months) and a group in amount of 65 people in September (for 6 months);

-in 1981 year two groups 50 people each (from I march and from I September);

-a group of members of SFNL ( up to 15 people yearly), who have secondary education, for study in soviet Institutes and Universities;

-three workers of central organ of SFNL newspaper "Barricade" (yearly) for experience exchange in the newspaper Pravda;

2.Nicaragua side will receive in 1980-1981:

- a group of consultants on the questions of party building (up to five people yearly) for up to 15 days;

-a group of soviet professors and specialists (up to 5people yearly) lecturing at the Sandinista school at the National Leadership of SFNL for up to 15 days;

-a group of soviet lecturers (up to three people yearly) for lecturing and speaking before the body of active functionaries of SFNL on mutually pre-approved topics for 10-15 days;

3. CPSU and SFNL will promote the cooperation between the Institute of social sciences at CC CPSU and Sandinista school at National leadership of SFNL in organizational-practical and scientific-methodical spheres.

4. CPSU and SFNL will exchange periodical publications of their parties (newspapers, magazines, brochures and so on) with the purpose of familiarization of members of their parties and people with the experience and achievements from each side.

5. CPSU and SFNL will exchange information, posing interest to both countries, on the questions of national-liberation movement, struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neocolonialism, racism and Zionism.


CPSU will receive for rest and treatment in the Soviet Union yearly 15 leaders of SFNL.


CPSU and SFNL express readiness to conduct meeting of representatives of International department of CC CPSU and National leadership of SFNL for exchange of opinions on the questions of two-side relations and topical problems of international situation; promote development of mutual contacts and connections between public organizations of the USSR and Republic of Nicaragua.


Both sides will take necessary steps to fulfill the following plan and express their readiness to look into other questions of two-side relations, that may appear in the process of cooperation of CPSU and SFNL.

For Communist party of the Soviet Union

For Sandinista front of national liberation of Nicaragua




About signing of the plan of relations between CPSU and Sandinista Front of National Liberation (SFNL) of Nicaragua.

A member of national leadership of SFNL Henry Ruis in a conversation with plenipotentiary in affairs of USSR in Nicaragua (sh. telegram from Managua, spec.#47 from 26.11.1980 yr.) suggested, during the visit in the USSR of a party-governmental delegation of Republic of Nicaragua, to discuss the question about the ties between the SFNL and CPSU, to which the Nicaraguan side gives a an important meaning.

SFNL happens to be a ruling political organization. The leadership of SFNL considers it important to form on the base of the front Marxist-Leninist party for the purpose of struggle for building socialism in Nicaragua. Because of the tactical reasons and with regard to real political situation in the country and in Central-America region the Leadership of SFNL in present time doesn't declare its final goals publicly.

It would be considered possible to agree with the suggestion of the Leadership of SFNL and offer to the delegation while their stay in Moscow to sign a plan of relations between CPSU and SFNL for 1980-1981 years.

The expenses, connected with conducting of all these meetings, foreseen by a plan of two-side relations, could be referred to the account of the party budget. With comrade
Tyazhelnikov Y.M. this question is conformed.
The project of the resolution of CC CPSU is enclosed.

Deputy chief of International Department of CC CPSU
(K. Brutents)

Deputy chief of Department of organizational-party work of
(P. Smolsky)

" 14 " march 1980 year