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June, 1974


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    Rakhmanin reports on the state of China in relation to various countries such as the U.S. and Japan (with whom he worries a "triangle" of power is forming), Romania, Korea and Albania.
    "Note from the Eighth Meeting of the Deputy Heads of the CC International Departments of Eight Parties in Ulaanbaatar devoted to the Struggle with Maoism," June, 1974, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Archive of Modern Records, Warsaw (AAN), KC PZPR, LXXVI-1027. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Malgorzata K. Gnoinska.
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Note from the Eighth Meeting of the Deputy Heads of the CC International Departments of Eight Parties in Ulaanbaatar devoted to the struggle with Maoism

At the end of the meeting, which took place on June 24-27 of this year in Ulaanbaatar, a meeting of the heads of delegations took place.

The head of the CC CPSU delegation, First Deputy Head of the International Department, Comrade Oleg Rakhmanin presented the following information after he positively assessed the meeting:

I. We need to coordinate our active struggle against Maoism. The situation is indeed dangerous. There is a serious concentration of the Maoist China's troops on the Sino-Soviet border. We should not hide this fact. On the contrary, we should inform the public about it. Given the above, the troops of the Soviet Union must counteract and this put a strain on the USSR budget.

The PRC authorities also act through the Chinese diaspora, primarily in Southeast Asia. There is also a Chinese community in the USSR which acts on behalf of the Maoist China. The China question is also present at the forum of the non-aligned countries. This is happening due to a mosaic type of a situation in this movement. We wonder about the intentions of the DPRK and Romania in joining these non-aligned countries.


III. Indochina

The USSR attaches great significance to the victory of the Vietnamese nation. The US influence has been seriously undermined. We predict that the US will try to exert influence through its allies, for example, Japan, as well as through the PRC. They will also like to play in a “triangle'...

There are serious divergences between the PRC and Vietnam. The Vietnamese stated to the Soviet comrades that they did not trust the Chinese who let them down during the war by allowing the Americans to seriously destroy the Vietnamese economic potential. We should do everything to make Vietnam strong. However, it is necessary to carefully observe Vietnam's policy toward China, since the Vietnamese comrades “do not reveal all of their cards.” It is necessary to conduct a tight coordination in the area of assistance to Vietnam within the Comecon framework…W cannot allow for the development of relations between Vietnam and China…

IV. Korea

Kim Il Sung's visit to the USSR was postponed on the Soviet initiative due to the illness of Comrade L. Brezhnev. We haven't decided on the new date. The Koreans are currently using a great amount of national holidays as their excuse. The politics of the Koreans surprise us on several occasions. The DPRK authorities are unilaterally breaking trade agreements. Their press publishes Maoist materials, and at the same time, it is silent on the goals of the USSR policy and other socialist countries. The cult of Kim Il Sung's personality nearly surpassed the cult of Mao Zedong. The son of Kim Il Sung has been recently raised to the political helm - we don't know this man at all. They are borrowing from China's ideology. However, despite of all of this, we should cooperate with the DPRK – this is very important.

On the question of Korean unification, the Koreans recently stress the Vietnamese example. They are making efforts to obtain armaments. Recently, the DPRK deputy minister of national defense approached us on this question. We did not want to get involved in some kind of a provocation.

V. Romania

Its position is worrisome. They are creating great difficulties in the work of the UN, in the coordination of the activities in the Warsaw Pact, and in the work of the CSCE, and so on. “They want to be a Mecca of the world.” Romania has been recently developing intensive military contacts with China. Deputy minister of national defense of Romania visited China twice…

VI. Albania

Nothing new. The latest personnel changes are most likely the expression of the anti-Maoist stance. For now, we don't need to convene meetings on the Albanian question.