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January, 1969


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    Report from the East German representatives on an Interkit meeting held 28-31 January, 1969. The group made recommendations for coordinating anti-Maoist propaganda to counter China's increasing anti-Sovietism.
    "East German Report on the Second Interkit Meeting in Berlin, January 1969," January, 1969, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Political Archive of the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin (PolA AA), MfAA, C 601/77. Translated by Bernd Schaefer.
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P r o t o c o l

From 28 to 31 January 1969 a confidential meeting was held in Berlin with representatives from the Departments for International Relations of the Central Committees of the BCP, HSWP, SED, MPRP, PUWP, CPSU, and CPC.

Participants of the meeting had an exchange of opinions and information about the situation in the PR China and the policy of the Mao Zedong Group at the current stage. Joint material was worked out in form of theses containing a coordinated assessment about the situation in China and the policy of the Mao Zedong Group at the current stage.

Participants of the meeting agreed on options of how to utilize the theses. They also discussed concrete recommendations to coordinate and expand cooperation in the fields of propagandistic activities and scientific research to unmask the anti-Marxist theory and practice of the Mao Zedong Group.

The delegations arrived at the following joint conclusions:


On the Evaluation of Theses “The Situation in China and the Policy of the Mao Zedong Group at the Current Stage”

The delegations presume that questions of concrete evaluation of the theses, and corresponding recommendations by participants of the meeting, will be decided by the CC of parties present according to their own judgment and under consideration of common practices in these parties.

Participants of the meeting agreed to recommend evaluation of the theses in party documents and speeches, in internal party information, during contacts with representatives from other Marxist-Leninist parties, in foreign policy activities of our countries, and in daily propagandistic work (press, radio etc.). Special attention was directed to the imperative to unmask the maneuvers by the Mao Zedong Group in context of the so-called IX CCP Congress.

There was full agreement on the assessment that the Mao Zedong Group is preparing this so-called IX Congress in a situation of a complete break with ideological and organizational principles of a Marxist-Leninist party and in an atmosphere of stoking hostility against the socialist countries and the communist world movement.


The participants of the meeting propose to hold in a socialist country during May or June 1969 a meeting of representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of participating countries. Its objectives ought to be the exchange of information and assessments on the Mao Zedong Group's foreign policy and the further arrangement of state relations between the participating countries and the PR China.


In light of the Mao Zedong Group's tactics toward the communist world movement under current new conditions, it was agreed to exchange material and information about the splittist activities of the Mao Zedong Group within the communist world movement and about its attempts to create special Maoist organizations in individual countries. It was agreed to coordinate activities for a further push-back of the Mao Zedong Group's policy, and for a defeat of their intentions to split the socialist community.

It was recommended to analyze jointly the activities by the Mao Zedong Group in the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America and to agree upon concrete measures in various areas.


About the Coordination of Propagandistic Activities and Scientific Research by Fraternal Parties on the China Question

The delegations rated positively efforts of participating parties to implement recommendations from the previous meeting. They noted a certain progress in the expansion of cooperation among the organs of foreign propaganda and the scientific institutes of our countries regarding the China question.

They hold the opinion that activities planned in the fraternal countries pertaining to W.I. Lenin's 100th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Comintern's foundation ought to be used broadly also for the struggle against the gross deformation of Marxist-Leninist ideas and the discrediting of socialism's theory and practice by the Maoists.

This task is growing in especial importance given the hostile and splittist campaign by the Maoists against the International Conference of Communist and Workers Parties [in June 1969 in Moscow].

Participants of the meeting suggested further perfection in coordinating propagandistic activities and scientific research in application of established forms and practices of cooperation. They adopted the following recommendations for respective organs and institutions of their countries:

a) Organizational Measures

In June or July 1969 a meeting should be held in the capital of one of the participating countries featuring representatives from the press, radio, television, news agencies and publishers in order to exchange opinions on the increase and coordination of anti-Maoist propaganda.

b) In the Field of Radio and Television

- Exchange of audio and visual material to use it for domestic and foreign broadcasts and programs;

- Joint programs, especially operative programs used as counter-propaganda on the most important and recent problems;

- Production of a television documentary about events in China in the near future; coordination of efforts by our countries in the International Organization for Radio and Television (OIRT) and at Intervision;

- Mutual delegation of specialists to exchange experiences in the field of propaganda about the China question;

- Mutual information about the main directions of radio propaganda on the China question.

c) In the Field of Print Propaganda for Third Countries

- Coordination of activities by press and information agencies and other organs of the fraternal countries foreign propaganda apparatus concerning distribution of material on the China question in third countries;

- Joint preparation of a collection of material “About the Events in China”. This collection should be translated into foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic) and distributed in third countries.
- Coordination of perspective plans of anti-Maoist propaganda;

- Regular exchange of material and information on the China question;

- Organizing cooperation between foreign correspondents of our countries regarding the collection and exchange of information about China.

d) In the Research Field

- Organizing a symposium in late 1969 on “Basic Problems of Socio-Economic Development in Today's China” and publishing the material of this symposium;

- Exchange of researchers, research assistants, aspirants [Ph.D. candidates] and students who work on problems concerning China;

- Organizing a meeting of directors of research institutions from our countries in summer 1969 to exchange information and coordinate plans for publications and scientific works.


The delegations from International Departments of the CC from fraternal parties listed above unanimously stressed the fruitful character of this meeting and its objective and companionable atmosphere. They emphasized that the organization of such meetings will develop into a good tradition and a useful form of cooperation between the fraternal countries represented at this meeting.

Delegations agreed to hold, after consultation with the CC of their parties, the next meeting in late 1969 in one of the socialist countries.

Besides the exchange of information about implementation of the agreement in Berlin, the next meeting will deal with the following questions and work out joint positions:

- Character of socio-economic processes on display in China after the so-called IX Congress;

- Additional phenomena of Maoism's anti-Marxist character;

- Coordination of efforts by the fraternal countries and parties for the fight against subversive activities by the Mao Zedong Group in the international arena, in particular against the socialist countries, the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and against the international democratic organizations.

Berlin, 31 January 1969


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