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December 02, 1955


This document was made possible with support from the ROK Ministry of Unification

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    Kim Il Sung described the "criminal" activities of Kim Yeol in Hwanghae. The Central Committee of Workers' Party decided to exclude him form the party and bring him to trial.
    "Decision by the December Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party held on 2nd and 3rd of December 1955 concerning the Criminal and Anti-Party Activities by Kim Yeol," December 02, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, SAPMO-BA, DY 30, IV 2/20/136. Translated for NKIDP by Bernd Schaefer.
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SED Central Committee

Department of International Relations

Archival Signature: SAPMO-BA, DY 30, IV 2/20/136


by the December Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party

held on 2nd and 3rd of December 1955

concerning the criminal and anti-party activities by Kim Yeol [Kim Yol]

The December Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party listened to and discussed the report by the chairman of the Control Commission of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party, Comrade Rim Hae [Rim Hae], about the criminal and anti-party activities of KimYeol.

The anti-party and criminal machinations by Kim Yeol started openly with the beginning of the hard times during the Patriotic War of Liberation, when our party organized a persistent struggle against the armed American-British aggressors.

Those times were difficult times. By talking about a so-called “big offensive” the enemies then tried to accomplish military adventures. Corresponding to this situation, our party handed a letter to all members of the party calling them to rise up and fight against the landing enemies. The party moved to a determined struggle. The time when, at the beginning of 1954, Kim Yeol was transferred to the Center [Pyongyang] was a hard time as well. Under a state of mobilized order like during war times, the entire population closed ranks with the party and the government. A general mobilization of the people was undertaken to restore and build up the postwar economy.

During this time Kim Yeol was a member of the Central Committee of our party and Chairman of the Party Committee in the province of Hwanghae. Instead of correctly organizing and implementing the course of the party, Kim Yeol led a profligate life and therefore deliberately took advantage of his position. He pocketed funds of the party, the state, and the people. This way he intentionally violated and undermined the policy and the discipline of the party.

His criminal behavior must be judged in a particularly grave manner, in light of the critical situation in which our fatherland found itself at the time.   

The anti-party and criminal activities by Kim Yeol consist in the following:


Instead of educating the people's masses guided by the policy of the party, and to accomplish a normal and moral order of society, Kim Yeol lasciviously wanted to satisfy his passions. He undermined his moral reputation and committed criminal activities which are intolerable in moral regards. He dirtied in particular the chastity of those women who worked in party organs, power organs, economic and cultural organs, and in the field of public health; and even of female teachers and students in high schools. In Hwanghae Province alone he seduced 30 innocent women.

In order to satisfy his dirty passions Kim Yeol applied several methods and means, like for instance coercion, pressure, fraud et cetera. To cover up his actions he used occasions like large and small receptions and evening events, visited vacation facilities et cetera. He even established relations with politically unreliable women.

The criminal activities of Kim Yeol, who sought his pleasure at the cost of causing anguish and victimization for many women, are condemned by the people's masses. His actions resulted in perturbation and complaints among the population. They dismantled public order and ultimately did create serious and damaging anti-party and anti-people results. They separated party and state from the people.


The profligate life of Kim Yeol had to do damage to state property. Instead of devoting his permanent attention to the material and cultural living conditions of the people and making efforts to improve them, to the contrary Kim Yeol as a leading member of the party appropriated to himself property of the state and the people. He subordinated the work for the party to his profligate private life.

Kim Yeol did separate bookkeeping and spent more than 10 million Won for satisfying his perverse craving for pleasure. He illegally amassed money from prey, fees from the population in addition to taxes, and through business deals. He acquired alone 2,530,000 Won that had been collected from the people to support the front.

Those criminal actions were payed by the sweat of the people. They filled his own pockets and aggravated the lives of especially those people who got ruined by the war. Those actions did a severe economic blow to reconstruction and the build-up of the postwar economy. They led to serious consequences and weakened the bond between the party and the masses.


Kim Yeol did not study the historic February speech of Comrade Kim Il Sung and decisions of the 5th and 7th Plenum which were important party documents. He did not instruct party members on those party decisions and sabotaged their implementation on purpose.

Kim Yeol’s party conscience was paralyzed. Intentionally he directed the implementation of the 5th Plenum of the Party’s Central Committee in the wrong direction since he was afraid of unmasking and criticism for his criminal activities. In particular he did not provide the opportunity to chairmen of city and county party committees, as well to cadres of the provincial party committee, to participate in the investigations of party proceedings.

In addition, he did not address the document from the 7th Plenum, not even in the Standing Committee of the Province Party Committee. He did extremely unsatisfactory work with regard to registration of new party members.

With regard to the instruction of lower organs, Kim Yeol only traveled to certain selected areas where he was able to lead his profligate private life. He caused great damage in lower level party organizations pertaining to implementation of the party’s policy.

This attitude by Kim Yeol, incompatible with the spirit of the party, completely undermined his dignity as a functionary of the party.

All those activities of his were liberal, extremely damaging and oriented towards the subordination of party work under his profligate life.


In order to cover up his dirty and criminal actions, he attempted to demote or diminish solid, loyal, and critical cadres from their positions. Those elements who followed him blindly or flattered him he helped to reach higher positions, without taking into account their political or expert abilities or their class background. By surrounding himself with unprincipled and flattering elements, Kim Yeol was able to conduct his profligate criminal activities.

As a consequence, a large number of cadres in Hwanghae Province lost their reputation as party members due to the influence of Kim Yeol. They led profligate lives and committed criminal activities which did damage to state and people’s property.

According to information published in the period between 1951 and 1953, in city and county party committees in Hwanghae Province state property in the amount of over 25,430,000 Won was either stolen or embezzled. A large number of cadres was leading a profligate life and became subject to punishment, exactly 6 Deputy Chairmen of Provincial Party Committees, 37 Chairmen of County Party Committees and 51 Chairmen of countryside Party Committees, also 37 Chairmen of Province, City and County People’s Committees beginning with the Chairman of the Province People Committee.

The above mentioned anti-party criminal activities by Kim Yeol are a concrete expression of bourgeois ideology and the ideology of the feudalist ruling classes, which have completely separated themselves from the working class.

We consider these activities by Kim Yeol as actions hostile towards party, state, and the people. They match the actions by American imperialism, the worst enemy of our people, during the temporary occupation of our country. They also plundered the wealth of our people, dirtied the chastity of our women and created unrest among the population.

The December Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers Party considers as correct the proposal made by the Control Commission of the Central Committee of the party with regard to Kim Yeol who has committed criminal deeds hostile towards party, state, and the people. The December Plenum decides to eliminate Kim Yeol from the party and the party’s Central Committee and to hand him over to the court.

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers Party

Kim Il Sung