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January 14, 1980


This document was made possible with support from the Leon Levy Foundation

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    This document describes joint naval exercises to be conducted in the Baltic Sea.
    "Military Exercise Combat Instruction No. 12/1 of the OBF," January 14, 1980, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Institute of National Remembrance (IPNBU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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Copy Nº 1

[Original Polish receipt and

declassification stamps]

to the Commander of the 2nd Fleet

The situation as of 1900 20 January is in accordance with the notation [zapis'] and the situation chart.

Destroy the enemy's ship forces in the Øresund-Kattegat operational sector when conducting the first fleet operation with the forces of the 2nd Fleet in coordination with the forces of the 1st and 3rd Fleets.

Support the landing of amphibious assault units on the islands of the Baltic Approaches.

Support the basing, deployment, regrouping, defense, and security of the OBF forces, sealifts, and maintenance of the operational routine in the zone of responsibility, and also help the front's troops in the PLO [anti-submarine defense] of the coastline.

Immediate objective (for 25 January)

Complete the defeat of the enemy ship forces in the Øresund sector west of the line Simrishamn-Darlowo to the line Cape Arkona-Island of [Møn] with forces of the 2nd Fleet and the attached 136th brka [Brigada of Missile Boats] of the 1st Fleet with the support of the 112th dirk [Diviziya of Missile Boats], the 946th omshap [Independent Naval Ground Attack Air Regiment], and two regimental sorties of the 1st Fleet in coordination with the 22nd omrap [Independent Naval Missile Air Regiment] of the 1st Fleet.

On 25 January on order from the OBF CP land an amphibious assault group on the islands of Lolland and Falster with the mission of seizing them by 0900 26 January with the forces of assault landing formation Nº 2 composed of the 2nd and 3rd dp of the 50th mdd of the PF.

Three regimental sorties of PF fighter-bomber aircraft have been allocated to suppress PDO.

Protection of the landing forces from attack from the sea is being done from the Grønsund direction by the forces of the 2nd Fleet, from the Øresund direction by forces of the 1st Fleet, and from the Kiel-Belt direction by the forces of the 3rd Fleet.

The 3rd Fleet simultaneously lands an assault group on the island of Langeland.

Submarine forces of the 23rd FK [expansion unknown, possibly "Ship Flotilla"; see the next translation] are to destroy enemy NK [surface ships], PL [submarines], and Tr [transports] in the Skaggerak Strait.

Then, according to the plan of the commander of the PF forces be ready on 27 January with the forces of assault landing formation Nº 2 composed of the OBF landing forces to land part of an amphibious assault force on the island of Zeeland and protect the landing forces from the sea from the Øresund direction.

Subsequently, on 4 February as the Baltic Approaches are seized take control to its entire depth together with the forces of the 1st Fleet.

Ensure the OBF forces reach the North Sea from the Øresund and Kattegat and support their basing on an island naval base.

In the period 20-24 January it has been planned to launch strikes in support of the operations of the forces of allied fleets on the AS ["aeronautical stations"] of Jagel, Eggebek, [T]irstrup, Husum, and PU [control posts] of the forces.

Protection from strikes of the air enemy is to be provided by PF air defense resources in accordance with an instruction of OBF HQ.

The forces of the 3rd Fleet with the attached 124th obrka [Independent Brigada of Missile Boats] of the 1st Fleet are operating west of the line Cape Arkona-Cape [Møn] and the forces of the 112th dirk of the 1st Fleet are operating east of the line Simrishamn-Darlowo.

Coordination is organized between the forces of the allied fleets and naval missile aviation by the Commander of the OBF and with the allocated support forces by the Commander of the 2nd Fleet.

OKP [Primary CP] OBF - Kaliningrad

KPU [Ship Control Post] - the cruiser Oktyabr'skaya Revolyutsiya

ZKP - Liepaya

VPU - Swinoujscie

Report [your] decision by 2400 20 January.

Forces are to be ready for operations on 0000 21 January.

The landing of tactical assault forces is on 25 January at 1100 and

of the operational assault force on 27 January at 1200.

The composition of assault landing force Nº 2:

22nd bdk [Brigada of Landing Ships] composed of the 20 dks [medium landing craft] and 14 dka [landing craft], and an OTr composed of 10 Tr, four ferryboats, and six PK [passenger] cutters;

The air squadron of Mi-8 assault helicopters of the PF;

The OKOP is composed of the Destroyer Varshava and four Project 56 and Project 30-bis destroyers.

Security forces are composed of:

the 25th dpk [divizion of border ships], the 28th FOP [expansion unknown]

five Project-620 skr [escort vessels]  

seven Project 912 mpk [small subchasers]

the 23rd dtshch [trawler divizion], the 28th FOP, eight trawlers

The rescue OTr is composed of: three sb [salvage and rescue tug], two mb [seagoing tug], one Gisu [hydrographic vessel], and one bgk [large hydrographic cutter].

The detachment of support ships:

Tank[er] - one

Tr - two

Suggestion: that the commander of assault landing formation Nº 2 be commander of the 28th FOP.

Concentrate the assault landing formation by 1600 24 January in the area of Warnemünde-Rostock.


23 January

Chief of Intelligence 1400-1420

The nature of PDO of Danish islands and the enemy men and equipment for PDO. Conclusions from an assessment of the enemy.

Chief of the Operations Department 1420-1440

Conclusions from the operational situation in the landing zone, in the sea crossing, and in the assault force landing areas.

The combat capabilities of the forces of the  2nd Fleet and proposals for its use.

Chief of Staff 1440-1510

The plan to land an amphibious assault force on Danish islands and the decision for an amphibious assault.

The planning table of coordination of the landing forces and the amphibious assault force.

Commander 1510-1550

Decision to carry out the assigned missions.

[Assignment of] the mission to subordinate and attached forces.

26 January

Chief of Staff

Assessment of the operational situation in the zone of operations of the 2nd Fleet.

Proposals for the use of the forces of the 2nd Fleet.


Decision to carry out the missions assigned to the 2nd Fleet.

Two copies printed - to file O-1

BF Print/14.01.80

Nº PF-24/1

[Internal Polish distribution follows in Polish]