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October 22, 1983


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    Notes on a visit by the South-West African People's Organization (SWAPO) to Bulgaria in October 1983. The delegation included Namibian politician Sam Nujoma, who discussed the struggle for Namibian independence from South Africa.
    "South-West African People's Organization (SWAPO) President Sam Nujoma's visit to Bulgaria, October 1983," October 22, 1983, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Central State Archives, Sofia, Fond 1-B, Foreign Policy & International Relations Department (FPRID) Records, 1967-1989. Translated by Vanya Petkova, Edited by Dr. Jordan Baev. Obtained by the Bulgarian Cold War Research Group.
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III. Information from the Secretary for Foreign Relations, CC BCP, Dimitar Stanishev to CC BCP Politburo re: SWAPO President. Sam Nujoma 's visit to Bulgaria, Sofia, 22 October 1983


Re: SWAPO Delegation's stay in PR of Bulgaria

At CC BCP invitation from 15 to 18 October 1983 a delegation of the Central Committee of South-West Africa Peoples Organization /SW APO/ led by its Chairman comrade Sam Nujoma visited our state.

CC BCP Secretary-General and State Council Chairman, comrade Todor Zhivkov welcomed Sam Nujoma. During the meeting some current issues regarding the international situation were discussed as well as the situation in South Africa.

Sam Nujoma thanked to CC BCP and to comrade Todor Zhivkov personally for the political support and material assistance that are rendered from BCP and PR of Bulgaria to SWAPO.

The delegation laid a wreath in front of George Dimitrov's mausoleum. Sam Nujoma gave and interview for the Bulgarian National Radio and for the Bulgarian TV, too.

SWAPO delegation held talks with CC BCP delegation.

In his statement Sam Nujoma stressed on some questions related to the military-political situation in South Africa, to the racist RSA (Republic of South Africa) policy, supported by the imperialist states on Namibian independence question. He

pointed the strengthening and intensifying relations between BCP and SWAPO.

The most important statement points are as follows:

Sam Nujoma thanked on behalf of Peoples Liberation Army and CC SWAPO fighters and commanders for the military and material help rendered by BCP and PR of Bulgaria. He said that without the help coming from the socialist countries SWAPO would not be in a position to successfully carry out the armed struggle against South African occupation forces.

- The struggle for independence of Namibia comes to its decisive phase. Nevertheless the severe repression Namibian people has risen to a total war against the racist invaders. Successful actions for blowing up of electric stations, bridges and other economic sites are carried out. The strategic task before SWAPO at the present stage was increasing of armed struggle and at the same time

- diplomatic activity activation within UN framework. The decisions of the CC SWAPO Second Plenary Session of April 1983 were adopted in the same spirit.

- The contradictions between the white population in the country were growing. At about 40 thousand white people had left Namibia due to lack of security.

- In order to achieve non-colonial settlement of Namibian question on the "Bantustan" basis, which essence is being new concentration camps, the RSA regime activated its efforts for the establishment of National Assembly, Council of Ministers and Namibian Armed Forces in the country. This contradicts to UN Security Council Resolution 435 of 1978, which envisages ceasing of fire, retrieval of South African troops from Namibia and carrying out and free and just elections.

-According to Sam Nujoma RSA shall not easily agree to fulfill UN Security Council Resolution 435 until authority institution building in Namibia is not completed and strengthen their put-up coalition of marionette parties that are an

alternative to SWAPO.

- SWAPO evaluates the activity of the so-called "contact group" (France, USA, Great Britain, FRG and Canada) as a means for dragging the attention of world society of the true Namibian question settlement. The purpose is to prove before society that armed struggle cannot lead to Namibian independence question settlement.

- "The Council of Namibia" to UN is evaluated by SWAPO as too "colorful" due to which it could not be expected that it can support SWAPO position completely. Irrespectively of this its role is positively evaluated and SWAPO was ready to cooperate with it.

- The results from the visit of UN Secretary-General to RSA, Namibia and Angola (16 - 26 August) were insufficient but nevertheless SWAPO evaluated optimistically the possibilities for eventual settlement of Namibian problem within

UN frameworks.

- SWAPO evaluates the strengthened and open support of counterrevolutionary forces and first of all of those in Angola and Mozambique from RSA as part of USA global strategy for destabilization and finally overthrowing of the progressive regimes in South Africa region. Sam Nujoma several times drew the attention to the necessity to render urgent help to these two front states.

In conclusion Sam Nujoma stressed on the great contribution of CC BCP Secretary General Todor Zhivkov for reached considerable successes in building of developed socialist society in our state as well as on the led by PR of Bulgaria active and peaceful foreign policy and the policy of international solidarity with the fighting


Conclusions from CC SW APO delegation visit, led by Sam Nujoma, and held talks:

1. The delegation stay was successful. Sam Nujoma expressed his satisfaction from the carried talks and his admiration for the reached considerable successes in building the developed socialist society in PR of Bulgaria.

2. On the main international questions SWAPO is on equal or similar positions with those of the socialist community states and keeps active contacts with them.

3. The struggle for Namibian independence reaches its decisive phase. For that purpose it is necessary to activate and enlarge the relations between BCP and SWAPO by rendering military and material assistance within our abilities. The

number of the political and economic cadres educated in our country has to be increased.

D. Stanishev


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