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    Three separate speeches made by a delegation from Albania while on a visit to North Korea in which the speaker discusses bilateral relations between Albania and North Korea, American imperialism, Korean reunification, and the Korean War.
    "Various Speeches by a Delegation of the People’s Republic of Albania in Pyongyang," 1966, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AQPPSH, MPP Korese, D9, V. 1966. Translated by Enkel Daljani.
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Speech given upon Arrival at the Pyongyang Airport

Dear Comrade Kim Il Sung.

Dear comrades and honorable friends.

The delegation of the Albanian Labor Party and the Government of the People’s Republic of Albania is coming for this friendly visit to the sister Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with a feeling of deep joy. We take this opportunity to bring to the brotherly Korean people, their glorious Party of Labor, and the Government of the DPR of Korea, the warmest revolutionary greetings and wishes from the hearts of the Albanian people, the ALP, the Government of the PR of Albania, and personally from Comrade Enver Hoxha.  

The Albanian people hold great love and respect for the brave and peace loving people of Korea. They are closely linked to them with an unbreakable brotherly friendship that is based in the immortal principles of Marxism-Leninism and the proletarian internationalism; with a sincere friendship that has been tempered by our Marxist-Leninist  parties through their difficult battles for the construction of socialism and the continual struggle against our common enemies—imperialism and modern revisionism.

The grandiose successes that the brotherly Korean people have achieved under the leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party with Comrade Kim Il Sung at its helm for the industrialization of the country, in the field of agriculture and culture, and in the other fields of creative activity make the Albanian people immeasurably happy and are an invaluable contribution to the great cause of the people for the socialism and peace.

Today, in many countries of the world, the peoples have risen and are waging a resolute struggle against world imperialism, with the American imperialists at its helm, for national independence, peace and social progress. The national liberation wars of the oppressed people and the revolutionary movement of the international proletariat have taken a new boost and are speeding the demise of the bloodthirsty imperialist system. The head of the world imperialism, the United States of America, is trying to stop with steel and fire this powerful and victorious movement. It has forcibly occupied South Korea, Taiwan, and South Vietnam; it has initiated an aggression against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; it is weaving continuous plans and plots against the DPR of Korea, against the People’s Republic of China and the other socialist countries; it is undertaking provocations and aggressions against the independent countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The militarism of Japan, the conclusion of the Japanese-South Korean treaty, the creation of a new aggressive pact in Southeast Asia, etc. also serve this criminal policy. But nothing could save imperialism from the definite defeat. The cause of the freedom and independence of the peoples of the world, the cause of the revolution and socialism will triumph over imperialism and all its servants.

The Albanian people, party and government, who have been and are always in solidarity with the resolute struggle of the brotherly Korean people against the American imperialists, reiterate their full support for all the struggles that your party and government are waging for the unification of your fatherland into one whole.

Thanking you for this warm and brotherly reception, I would like to express our unshaken trust that the visit of our delegation to DPR of Korea will serve the further strengthening of the militant friendship and the close cooperation between our two peoples and parties.

  • Long live the heroic Korean people.
  • Long live the Korean Workers’ Party, with Comrade Kim Il Sung its eminent leader at its helm.
  • Long live the unbreakable friendship between our two brother people.
  • Glory to Marxism-Leninism

Speech given upon Departure at the Pyongyang Airport

Dear comrade………

Dear comrades and friends,

The visit of our delegation to your marvelous country is now at an end. The days that we passed amongst you will remain unforgettable to us. This visit gave us the chance and the pleasure to know from close by the great successes of the brotherly Korean people and to learn from their rich experience in the construction of socialism and the strengthening of every aspect of their country. The meetings we have had with the workers of your country and our warm talks with the leadership of your party and government are proof of the deepest friendship that joins our two parties and people.

As we leave, we are while fully convinced that our visit will serve the further strengthening and development of the friendship and brotherly cooperation between the peoples and parties of the two countries; that it will serve the cause of the people in their wars for freedom, democracy, and socialism, the cause of our common struggle against imperialism and modern revisionism, and the cause of peace and international cooperation.

When we return to our fatherland, we will take to the Albanian people your deep feelings of friendship for them. We will tell them about your great successes and about the resoluteness with which the brave and brotherly Korean people remain vigilant and build their new and happy lives.

We have been much enthused by the revolutionary spirit of the heroic Korean people, who, led by the Korean Workers’ Party with Comrade Kim Il Sung at its helm, and by holding high the revolutionary call of relying mainly on own forces, have turned the DPR of Korea into a socialist country with a healthy and prosperous economy and culture.

Dear comrades,

The Albanian people, who have a great respect and admiration for the brotherly Korean people, are in solidarity and support without reservations your resolute struggle for the reunification of your country and for the definite liberation of your compatriots in South Korea from the oppression and yoke of the American occupiers and their puppets.

In these moments, as we are saying our farewells, we also express our deepest conviction that the Korean people and the Albanian people will always walk hand in hand and will together fight against the imperialists, the various reactionaries, and the modern revisionists to take forward the cause of freedom and progress, the cause of socialism and communism, and to ensure the triumph of Marxism-Leninism.

Good bye, dear comrades.

Speech given at the Dinner held by the Albanian Side in Pyongyang

Dear comrade………….

Dear comrade………….

Dear comrades and friends,

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The visit of the delegation of the ALP and the Government of the PR of Albania to the DPR of Korea is coming to an end.

During our stay in your beautiful country, in the official meetings with the main leaders of the party and government as well as in the various meetings we had the chance to have with the heroic Korean people in plants and factories, in agricultural cooperatives, and various cultural and social institutions, we felt from close by the sincere love and friendship the Korean people have for our country, party and people. We would like to assure you, dear comrades, that the same feelings of friendship and love are also simmering in the hearts of the Albanian people toward your party and heroic people.

The friendship between our two people stands on the impregnable foundations of Marxism-Leninism, on our common struggle and ideals for the triumph of socialism and peace in the world. This friendship has been cast by our two people and it is being tempered every day in the common struggle against imperialism, with the Americans at its helm, and against the modern revisionism. Our two countries are thousands of kilometers away from each other, Korea stands at one edge of the socialist camp and Albania, on the other, but our two people are brothers in arms of the same ideals and are fighting arm in arm for the same cause.

The barbarous American aggressors rained like monsters upon socialist Korea 16 years ago. They sowed graves and destruction everywhere, but they could never force your brave people to its knees. You came up victorious. The Korean people know how to fight with heroism, but they also know how to build with heroism. Contrary to the cynical pretenses of the American imperialists that said that your country would need at least one hundred years to mend its war wounds, under the experienced leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party with Comrade Kim Il Sung at its helm, your people needed only but a few years to reconstruct their country and make it more beautiful and more powerful. The DPR of Korea became a socialist, industrial agrarian country, with a powerful and developed industry, with a fully collectivized agriculture, and with a well-developed science and culture.

The Albanian people, our party and our government are sincerely happy for these grandiose successes that attest to the high and revolutionary spirit of the Korean people and the correct party line of the Korean Workers’ Party. At the same time, we share with you the feeling of deep pain for the difficult and miserable situation of the southern part of your country where the double oppression of the American occupiers and the puppet fascist clique reigns and where exploitation, violence, and hunger run rampant. The separation of Korea is an indignity and an intolerable crime done to the DPR of Korea, and to the freedom of the other countries and peace of Asia. While supporting without reservation all your attempts for the reunification of your country into the single country and people that is and shall remain throughout the ages, we ask that in the interest of the Korean people and peace in the world…[fourteen illegible lines]…we express our conviction that the day will come when they will fulfill their just aspirations that Korea, from the shores of the Yalu River and all the way to Daegu, shall be reunited and shall prosper as a sovereign and democratic state, where the Korean people shall be the sole rulers, free from every kind of oppression and exploitation.

We live at a time when the international situation is seeing the continuous activity and increase of the revolutionary forces around the world, which in their liberation wars are every day reaping new victories of historic proportions and have strengthened the foundations of the socialist camp…[twelve illegible lines]…

Our peoples, parties and governments have supported with all their might the brotherly Vietnamese people in their manly fight against the barbarous aggression of the United States of America and will remain on their side until their ultimate victory.

The imperialist system is suffering continuous defeats and incurable wounds in all the fronts and they are spelling its unavoidable doom. The socialist and revolutionary forces, led by the banner of Marxism-Leninism, are overcoming with bravery every hurdle and difficulty thrown in front of them by their enemies—the imperialists and the modern revisionists—and are continually scoring new victories in their struggle.

The Albanian people, under the leadership of the ALP with its leader and founder, Comrade Enver Hoxha, at its helm, while successfully withstanding the antagonistic geographic encirclement, blockades, plots, and the [unintelligible] activity of the imperialists and modern revisionists, have been able to reap continuous victories in the construction of socialism in the country, have completed and will continue to complete their internationalist duty toward the brother peoples of the socialist camp, toward the national liberation wars, and toward the peoples and revolutionary forces of the world. After successfully completing the 3rd five year plan, they are now working with a high revolutionary spirit, holding the pickaxe in one hand and the rifle on the other, for the completion of the great tasks given by the 4th five year plan 1966—1970 and they are fully determined to take even further the struggle without compromise against the American imperialism and its agent—the modern revisionism.  

…[Ten illegible lines]…

Allow me to raise this toast,  

  • To the unbreakable and militant friendship between the Korean and the Albanian people.
  • To the heroic Korean people.
  • To the Korean Workers’ Party and the Government of the DPR of Korea, with Comrade Kim Il Sung at its helm.
  • To the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPR of Korea, Comrade Choe Yong-geon [Choe Yong Gon].
  • To the health of the comrades and guests present in this gathering.

To the peace and friendship between the peoples of the world.