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    A speech by a delegate from Albania in which the speaker comments on Albania's foreign policy, economic development and campaigns in North Korea, the Vietnam War, and the United States' global military policy.
    "Speech by a Delegation of the People’s Republic of Albania at a Rally in Pyongyang," 1966, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AQPPSH, MPP Korese, D9, V. 1966. Translated by Enkel Daljani.
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Speech at the Rally in Pyongyang

Dear comrades,

Dear Korean brothers and sisters,

Allow me to thank you for this warm and brotherly reception you have granted us and to transmit to you, the entire brotherly Korean people, their government and Workers’ Party, and your great leader, the dear friend of our people, Comrade Kim Il Sung, the warmest revolutionary greetings of the Albanian people, their government, the Albanian Labor Party, and personally of our leader’s, Comrade [First Secretary of the Albanian Party of Labour (ALP)] Enver Hoxha. We have come to your beautiful fatherland, to the country of “morning freshness” as you call it, with the warmest and deepest feelings of brotherly friendship and respect for your heroic, peace loving, and hardworking people, and for their Workers’ Party, that leads it with certainty on the shining course of socialism.

Our two brother countries, one in the northeastern corner of the socialist camp and the other in the southwestern one, despite the geographical distance that separates them, are linked between them by a strong friendship. This friendship has a healthy foundation of granite because it is relying on the great principles of Marxism-Leninism, of proletarian internationalism, and of the reciprocal, brotherly cooperation and assistance. That friendship is unbreakable and it will never face death. The architects of this revolutionary friendship are our Marxist-Leninist  parties, which throughout their activity are inspired by the same ideals—the high ideals of socialism and communism.

The Albanian people remember with respect the happy days of 1956, when to their bosom came for a friendly visit the glorious son of the brotherly Korean people and party, Comrade Kim Il Sung, as well as the notable visit in 1959 of the Korean delegation headed by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Comrade Choe Yong-geon [Choe Yong Gon]. These visits, on the one hand, as well as the visits by the leaders of our party and government in your fatherland in 1956 and 1969 on the other, have given a great contribution to the further strengthening of the brotherly friendship and the Marxist-Leninist  unity that joins our two parties and peoples as determined comrades-in-arms for the high ideals of socialism and the freedom of the peoples.

Our two peoples have gone through a bitter, yet glorious, past. They have suffered much from the foreign invaders and the fascist aggressors, but they have never been subdued and made to kneel. On the contrary, they have fought with fervor against their enemies for the freedom, the independence, and the dignity of their fatherlands and have always come up victorious. We remember with admiration your long fight against the Japanese militarists. We also proudly remember your heroic stance against the American aggressors during your patriotic national liberation war and the decimating blows you delivered to them in this unequal war.

We are made very joyous by the fact that the DPR of Korea, by holding high the revolutionary spirit of relying on own forces and by widening the Chollima movement, has achieved shining successes in the construction of socialism and is progressing and prospering further every day. She has now cured her war wounds. Pyongyang, for example, which was fully destroyed by the American aggressors, has now been reconstructed even more beautiful and more glorious than it previously was. Last year, by working with selflessness according to the course of “building an independent national economy,” you increased the total volume of the industrial production to [illegible] % compared the previous year. The electrical industry, of vehicle production, the chemical industry, of metallurgy, etc. were developed even further and were enriched with new works. At the same time, in the agricultural sector, despite the consequences of the great drought, by fighting to put into practice the “theses of the agrarian socialist issue,” the working peasantry, with the assistance of the working class and of the entire people, strengthened even further the material and technological foundation of the agriculture and increased even further the agricultural production. Today, the brotherly Korean people, by keeping the rifle in one hand, and the pickaxe and the sickle in the other, continue to work with all their might to take these victories even further and to accomplish to the end the historic tasks put forward by their seven year plan. They complete with honor their national and international tasks by resolutely standing guard to the victories of the revolution, of the socialist camp, of the cause of communism and the freedom of the peoples.

Our people consider the victories of the brotherly Korean people as their own and wish them from the bottom of their hearts that in the future they reap other even greater victories.

Our people, under the leadership of the ALP, despite being under the difficult conditions of the geographic encirclement by imperialists and revisionists and the fierce blockade by the Khrushchevian revisionists, has also fought and continues to fight with selflessness for the construction of socialism in the country. We recently finished the accomplishment of the 3rd five year plan and are now initiating the work for the accomplishment of the 4th five year plan. The industrial production in our country has been increased by 35 times compared to the prewar levels, while the agricultural one by over two and a half. After the construction of the economic foundation of socialism, our forces have been concentrated for a few years now into the construction of the material and technological foundation of socialism and in this sector we have achieved considerable successes.

Now, our working masses have been involved with great revolutionary enthusiasm in the work for the best realization of the plans that they themselves designed. This is the result of the new call by the ALP Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Albania which they sent to the masses asking them to discuss and design the 4th five year plan; of the open letter of the ALP CC set to all the communists, workers, soldiers, and officers; as well as of all the other measures, which comprise a further deepening of the course of our party as a course of the masses. Our party has put all its forces into the further strengthening of the communist education of the workers with the objective of increasing even more their political and ideological preparedness; for a deeper understanding of the course of the party “for the construction of socialism with our own forces;” for the increase in active and creative participation by the masses; for stopping at birth every foreign symptoms and every chance for the appearance of revisionism in our country; for strengthening even further the revolutionary vigilance and the defensive capacity of the country; and for an even better accomplishment of our internationalist duties in the future.

Our people and party do not see all these efforts from a narrow standpoint, only from the prism of national interests, but see them as closely linked to the general cause of the struggle of the peoples for freedom, peace, democracy and socialism. They are a vital part of the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist politics of our parties and governments.

The friendship, multisided cooperation, and unity between our two countries and parties in the struggle against our common enemies and for our common ideals, are continually being strengthened and consolidated. History has proven that our militant friendship and cooperation, our victories in the field of the construction of socialism serve our common cause; they madden the enemies, make our common friends—the brotherly people, the international proletariat, and the progressive forces of the world—happy; and inspire the peoples that have risen up into revolution in their heroic struggle.

We visit your beautiful, powerful, and socialist fatherland at a time when the international situation is developing at a generally successful manner in the favor of the revolutionary, of the national liberation forces of the peoples, of the unbreakable forces of the world proletariat, of the forces of the international communist and workers’ movement, and of the forces of socialism, peace, and progress. Today’s world is no more that of the time when the imperialist powers did as they wished without being punished. With the triumph of the great October Socialist Revolution, with the victory of the great Revolution of the Chinese people, and with the creation of an array of socialist countries, deep wounds were dealt to imperialism, from which it will never be able to recover. Now the peoples of the world have awakened and everywhere the national liberation movements are resolutely opposing imperialism, especially its leader, the most aggressive one—the American imperialism. The struggle of the proletariat in the capitalist countries is also progressing strongly. The bitter and irreconcilable contradictions that have been born within the imperialist powers are growing at a fast pace and this is indicated especially by the great contradictions within NATO. So, today, the fact that the winds of the East are dominating the winds of the West is becoming more apparent. The thesis of the great Marxist-Leninist , J. V. Stalin, who 15 years ago foresaw the fissures and the deep contradictions that are gnawing from the inside the imperialist countries and their aggressive blocs, is being proven right.

Our peoples, just like all the other peace loving peoples of the world, do not sleep over the olive branch, they do not lose their revolutionary vigilance, and do not cease for one single moment their fight with the outmost fierceness against the American imperialism, and its allies, tools and cooperators of every kind. We do this with the intention of causing all their aggressive and counterrevolutionary plans to fail.

Today, it is the principal duty of all the Marxist-Leninist  parties, of all the peoples of the world, of all the communists and proletarians of all the countries to intensify their fight against the American imperialism, because it is the number one enemy of humanity, the cause of all the aggressive wars, the promoter, organizer and designer of all the counterrevolutionary plots against socialism, freedom and independence of the peoples. Its policies of aggression and war, in many forms, continue to spread from one continent to another.

All the aggressive wars of the American imperialism are links of one single chain that the peoples of the world, united, must destroy by decimating every single link. The world today is witness to the fierce barbarism and the counterrevolutionary violence that the American imperialism are engaging in against the people of Vietnam using the most vile methods, including here even the use of poisonous gases, something that even Hitler in his time did not dare use. The government of the USA, by following the tactic of the “escalation of the conflict,” is continuing the aerial bombardment of the sister Democratic Republic of Vietnam and is intensifying them from one day to the next. By engaging in these actions, the American imperialism seeks to turn South Vietnam into a permanent and solid base for aggression against the PR of China, etc. But the plans of the American imperialists in Vietnam, thanks to the legendary war of the brother Vietnamese people, are suffering defeat after defeat in both the military field and the political one. The heroic Vietnamese people are delivering decimating blows to the aggressors and their tools. In the South, under the leadership of the National Liberation Front, the forces of the national liberation army are unloading fire and lead on the heads of the aggressors and traitors day and night and in every front. The enemies cannot feel comfortable anywhere, even in their lairs in Saigon, DaNang, etc. Everywhere, the initiative is in the hands of the partisans and the people. The heroic stance of the peoples of the DR of Vietnam against the American aggressors is a great contribution to their final decimation in Vietnamese lands.

All the peace and freedom loving peoples of the world have risen up in support of the just war of the heroic Vietnamese people, because Vietnam’s war against the American imperialism is a vital part of the common struggle of the peoples against their common enemy. The PR of Albania and the DPR of Korea are fully on the side of the brother Vietnamese people. We consider the war of the brother Vietnamese people as our own. We fully support the proposal of four points of the government of the DR of Vietnam and the declaration of five points of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam for the solution of the Vietnamese issue. The Albanian people supports the resolute struggle of the Korean people against the sending of the puppet South Korean troops as cannon-fodder to South Vietnam for the interests of the American masters.

The American imperialism in its total counterrevolutionary and antisocialist war is also turning the blade of its blows against the brotherly Korean people. After engaging in the brutal aggression against the DPR of Korea, the American imperialism for so many years has been blocking with all its might the reunification of your country; it is keeping under its control and is oppressing in a barbarous way the people of South Korea; and is trying to turn South Korea into a permanent colony and a military base for its aggressive objectives. Our people support with all their might the just struggle of the brotherly Korean people for the expulsion of the American aggressors from South Korea and for the reunification of their country. It is our unshaken belief that the brave Korean people shall emerge triumphant over the occupiers of their country.

With their efforts to widen the aggression in the Far East, the American imperialists are trying to wage a “sacred anticommunist crusade,” to start a war against the PR of China and the DPR of Korea, and to build an “iron curtain” that starts in South Korea and goes through Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and elsewhere. In this matter, they place a particular importance to the creation of the new aggressive bloc of Northeastern Asia (NEATO) with the participation of South Korea, Japan, and the clique of Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan. For this, as a very important and vital step, they consider the conclusion of the Japanese South Korean Treaty between the ruling classes of these two countries and against the will of the two peoples concerned. In this system, the American imperialists have given the “striking force” role to the Japanese militarists, precisely to those that in the recent past caused so much suffering and pain to the peoples of this area of the world and who are still dreaming of realize their past plans for the “common prosperity of Great Asia.”

This is why the brotherly Korean people are fully justified in denouncing the American imperialism and have stood up as one single body and fight with all their might against the Japanese South Korean Treaty to make it fail miserably. This is why against this “Treaty” are fighting all the peace loving peoples of the world. Our people have denounced this disreputable treaty as a criminal act that endangers peace in Asia and in the world. At the same time, they have strongly supported and continue to support your struggle against these aggressive intentions of the American imperialists, Japanese militarists, and the puppets of South Korea.

We support with resoluteness the just reasons of the Korean people and their government to take defensive measures against the imperialist plots that seek the enslavement of entire Korea, the spread of the imperialist aggression in Asia, and the liquidation of the socialist camp.  

History is proving that the American imperialism, engulfed fever and terror when faced with its unavoidable end, has become rabid and is trying with all its might to stop the turn of history’s wheel. This you can see in Laos where it kills and maims; you see it when it provokes peace loving Cambodia; you see it behind the Indian reactionaries who are brewing aggression and provocations against the PR of China and Pakistan; you see it behind the Indonesian reactionaries that massacre the communists and the patriots. You find it in Congo (Leopoldville) and the plots against the Arab countries and the other new and independent countries of Africa; you find it in the Dominican Republic and behind the coups that it incites in the countries of Latin America. You see it as it reanimates and arms the German militarism, as it builds atomic bases in every continent, as it moves its naval fleet armed with missiles from ocean to ocean, as it causes the rampant arms race, etc. Yet, even with these measures and activities, even with the propaganda and demagoguery it wages, it is still not able to stop the waves of anger, hate, and war of the peoples of Asia, Africa, Latin America, as well as the peoples of the other continents, which are always on the rise. Of course, the revolutionary struggle of the peoples against imperialism and the reactionaries is not always waged in a correct manner; it has its own mistakes and shortcomings. Yet, despite this, it always progresses forward and one day it will sweep all the enemies from the face of the earth.

In the current situation one can clearly see the multisided attempts by the American imperialists and the Khrushchevian revisionists to coordinate and reconcile their plans, no doubt with the intention of sabotaging the struggle of the peoples for freedom, democracy, and socialism; of organizing a “ring of fire” against the socialist countries; and of ensuring their world domination. This is clearly shown by the parallel imperialist-revisionist activities to sabotage the struggle of the Vietnamese people by supporting the phony attempts of the USA for “peaceful talks;” by preserving and increasing the relations with the USA at every sector; by creating the conditions for the USA to draw military forces from West Germany to send them to Vietnam. This is clearly shown by their activities to encourage the Japanese imperialism; it is shown by the military assistance that the Indian reactionaries receive from all sides; the subversive and coordinated activity that the imperialists and the revisionists are engaging in the Asian countries, etc.; the negotiations for the organization of “international forces” of the UN; the burying of the peace treaty of Germany; the disreputable tripartite treaty for the partial banning of nuclear arms testing, etc. etc.

Our people know full well the face of the Titoist and Khrushchevian renegades. They have already suffered on their backs their pressures and blackmail, their provocations and plots, their brutal economic blockade, and their most monstrous slander. The peoples of the socialist countries, the communist and workers’ movement, and the progressive humanity as a whole still have fresh in their memories their public calls for counterrevolution in Albania and for the liquidation of the leadership of the party and the government. You know full well that they have also attempted such activities against the other brother socialist countries.

The Khrushchevian revisionists, by cutting trade relations, by cutting loans, and by later also cutting diplomatic relations with us, attempted to sabotage the construction of socialism and the accomplishment of the five year plans. But the Albanian people decimated their attacks and plots, broke apart their political and economic plans and blockades thanks to the correct revolutionary leadership of the party, the steely unity of the ranks of the party and people, the resoluteness and the unshaken faith in the correct, Marxist-Leninist  course of the party. In this difficult struggle for the construction of socialism and the defense of the fatherland, our party and people have also had the invaluable, internationalist and brotherly assistance that was given by the Communist Party and brotherly Chinese people.

In the times we live in, the need for a continuous, resolute and principled struggle against the modern revisionism for the preservation of Marxism-Leninism, socialism, the freedom of the people, and the defense of the communist and workers’ movement becomes each day more important. This is a necessary condition for the successful waging of the great anti-imperialist, revolutionary struggle of the peoples that seeks to subdue and decimate the common enemy—the American imperialists—and for its continuation until the final victory.

Both our Parties of Labor stand fast in their Marxist-Leninist  positions. They follow a correct course, which matches the interests of their own people, the interests of socialism, the freedom of the peoples, and peace in general. We will always walk arm to arm in our struggle against imperialism and all its collaborators, for the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist  unity of the socialist camp and of the international communist and workers’ movement, for the strengthening of the revolutionary, liberation and democratic movement of the peoples, for the victory of peace and socialism, and for the final triumph of the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin.

Long live the brotherly friendship between our parties and peoples!

Long live the DPR of Korea, its heroic people, the Korean Workers’ Party and our dear friend and comrade, Kim Il Sung!  

Long live Marxism-Leninism!