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    Information gathered from a Yugoslav "political refugee" Zoran Mitrovich living in Romania. Mitrovich describes the anti-Tito organization or network in Yugoslavia in the Belgrade and Nish areas.
    "The Anti-Tito Network in Yugoslavia," 1949, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Archives of Romania, corpus of the Central Committee of the RCP/Foreign Relations, File no.9/1949, p. 58-60. Translated by Ionas Rus.
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When I left Yugoslavia, a part of the illegal organization continued to exist, with discontinued connections.

I was given the duty to make possible the connection of those in the country [Yugoslavia] on the occasion of leaving Romania. I gave this part of the organization to comrade Milosh Jovich, student in the fourth year of the Economics department [of the University of Belgrade]. He can be found in his dwelling in the street Musharska, no. 2.- The code for him is that the comrade who comes to him must say that he is called Vuio Kosovats, and that he is sent by Zoran [Mitrovich] - "Mali"/the small one/. He keeps the connection /with the help of comrades Radonia Vuioshevich and Vola Koiovich/ with more groups through the following comrades: group I - through Bora Dinich "Chiavchet", the member of the organizing section of the Central Committee of the Popular Youth of Serbia, through whom there are connected 5 comrades from the [Political] Bureau of the C. C. of the P. F. [Popular Front] from Serbia.

Group II - Through Baneta Stefanovich "Tsailats", fighter [with Tito's guerrillas] since 1941 - who works in Yugoslavia's ministry of the railways.

Group III - Through Pavich Mihailovich, employee at the section of internal affairs in Belgrade, though which some officers from the army, a professor of the agricultural college, from Zemun [a city across the Sava from Belgrade], etc., etc. [are connected to the anti-Titoist network.]

Group IV.- has connections with the Economics department [at the University of Belgrade].

Group V.- At the Politechnical School - through com. Voia [or Voio] Koiovich-"Chichia" .-

Group VI.- In the Sports Federation for Physical Culture from Serbia.

Group VII.- In the county Committee of the Popular Youth from Nish, through com. Bora Dinich.

If com. Milosh Jovich is discovered [by the Titoist authorities], or if he is not in Belgrade, the groups can keep contact in the following manner - Group I-II-VI and VII, through com. Bora Dinich - Chiavchet [or Chiavche] - member in the organizing section of the Central Committee of the Popular Youth from Serbia/Str[eet] of the International Brigades [in the Spanish Civil War]/ and to tell [him] that he/ the one who comes to him/ is com. Stoian and is sent by com. Zoran Mitrovich "Mali".

Group III, through [its leader] com. Pavich Mihailovich, who lives in the street Kumanovska, no. 13, on the fourth floor, the only apartment on the 4th floor, and he must be told that the one who is going to come to him is com. Milovan, and that he is sent by com. "Mali" - Zoran Mitrovich.-

Group IV.- through com. Voia Koiovich - "Chichea".

Group V. [sic] who lives in the street Beogradska, no. 4, on the 4th floor, in the apartment no. 7, and to tell him that he has been sent by com. Zoran.-

The organization from the law department can be contacted through com. Radmila Boscovich - student of law, who works as director of the cadres of the Electrical Engineering department from the Politechnical School/ the Boulevard of the Red Army/- At her phone number 42,814, extension 83, [the person should] identify himself as Com. Ilia, and should arrange a meeting. Or [he] should try to find her in the department, and tell her that he has been sent by Zoran Mitrovich.

One must make contact also with com. Dragan Galian, deputy general manager /for personnel/ of the enterprise “Ingostampa". His phone number is 50233/direct line/. [The contact person] should identify himself as com. Milovan, and tell him that there are greetings from com. "Mali" Zoran. After he has told the other person his real name, [he] must be called afterwards "Plavi".

Information given by Zoran Mitrovich


Short Descriptions of the Comrades.-

Com. Milosh Jovich, born in the year 1922, member of SKOJ [Communist Youth Organization] since the time of the [German] occupation - has worked [during the period when the Communist Party was] illegal, [and has been a] member of Y.C.P. in the year 1944. He is not compromised/ [he] has a party card/[.] He is currently a member in the bureau of the party cell of the 4th year of the Economics department. He has a decisive character. He is very smart in [party] work/illegal/. [He] is very punctual at all the meetings.-

He is uncompromisingly in favor of the Resolution of the Informative Bureau from the first day.-

Com. Bora Dinich "Chiavche" [or Chiavchet], born in the year 1928, member in the SKOJ since the year 1941.- One of the SKOJ leaders from Nish during the time of the [German] occupation-. Member of Y.C.P. since the beginning of the year 1944.- [While he was fighting] for the partisans, he was brave. He has a decisive character. In his relations with people, he has a slightly soft attitude. [He] has very much patience. He is punctual to all meetings. In the first days after the [June 28] Resolution, he had a wavering attitude, but he later became more and more decisive.-

I do not know com. Voio [or Voia] Koiovich "Chichea" very well, he was born in the year 1920. From the first day after the Resolution [of June 28, 1948], he remained firm [in his support] for the positions of the Informative Bureau. He has been purged from Y.C.P.

Com. Radonia Vuioshevich.- he took part in the war of liberation since the year 1943. He was [among the Chetniks] as a [Partisan] counterspy. He is extremely cautious. Expelled from Y.C.P.

Com. Bane Stefanovich "Tsaifats" is a fighter since 1941, worker, he is about 38 years old. He is a member of Y.C.P. since 1941 or 1942. [and] he was a candidate for membership since before the war. He is very popular and [was] born in the Nish region - old illegal worker.

Com. Pavich Mihailovich is about 37 years old, is [a] member in the Y.C.P. since the year 1943. He is not decisive enough. He has not been discovered,-

He had an uncompromising attitude in relation with the [June 28) Resolution from the first day.-