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March 24, 1975


This document was made possible with support from the Leon Levy Foundation

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    Part of the Soyuz-75 military exercise, this document provides the Warsaw Pact Maritime Front with information on enemy losses and opportunities to mount an offensive strike. In this hypothetical scenario, the Maritime Front is charged with destroying enemy airfields, advancing westward, and occupying the North Sea coast, where their troops and allied navies will establish a defense of their position.
    "Military Exercise Soyuz-75 Combat Instruction No. 04 of the Maritime Front," March 24, 1975, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN-BU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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Top Secret

Copy Nº 2

[Original Polish receipt and

declassification stamps;

some Polish handwriting on the page]

Combat Instruction Nº 04 of the Maritime Front

The PKP is east of [BOMNTE], 24 March 1975 1300

Map 1:500,000 1961 edition

1. A serious defeat has been inflicted on the army corps. They are disorganized and deprived of mutual support. Two of them (the 1st AK of the "Blues" and the 1st AK of the "Violets") have been encircled and are being destroyed.

Of the 15 enemy formations five have been completely defeated (the 1st, 6th, 16th, and 11th mpd's and the 2nd pd) and three have been more than 50% defeated.

Almost all the means of OT [probably OT naznacheniya, "tactical operational"] nuclear attack, a majority of tactical PU [control posts], and about 50% of combat aircraft have been destroyed. Three main enemy groupings are identified in the zone of the Maritime Front:

- the first, along the coast of the North Sea, consisting of disorganized units of the 1st AK of the "Browns" and about two brigades of the "Orange",

- the second, the main [one] in the Brussels sector, consisting of three divisions of the "Orange" and four independent reserve divisions, is conducting combat operations in a zone 120 km wide,

- the third, is encircled east of the Ruhr industrial region (the 1st AK of the "Blues" and the 1st AK of the "Violets").

The Possible Nature of Enemy Operations

Offering stubborn resistance in all sectors he will try with [his] main forces to create a strong defense along the RHINE river and at the approaches to the Ruhr industrial region, and also to liberate the encircled troops by strengthening the defensive grouping.

Enemy operations might be supported by group nuclear strikes and also airstrikes.

It is necessary to count on the broader use of chemical weapons by the enemy in the future.

2. The 4th Army - the 6th, 10th, and 14th md's, the 22nd td (from the front reserve) with the 1/36 isbr, and the 43rd ipozb.

Destroy [the following] with nuclear strikes:

- the OD [Honest John] battery of the 3rd td of the "Browns" with one 20 kt [warhead] missile,

- the aircraft at the GRONINGEN and LEEUWARDEN airfields with two missiles with 40 kt and 100 kt [warheads],

- the NG [Nike Hercules] battery in the areas south of [KAROLINENSIN] and DORNU [possibly DORNUM] with two missiles of 20 kt [warheads] each,

- the CP of the [number omitted] AK of the "Browns" in the area of [DURICH] with a 20 kt [warhead] missile.

Complete the defeat of the 1st AK of the "Browns" with a strike of the main forces in the direction of EMEN [possibly OMMEN], DEVENTER and by the end of 25 March occupy the line GRONINGEN, MEPPEL, ZUTPHEN.

Next, beginning on the morning of 26 March develop the offensive in the direction of DEVENTER, THE HAGUE, and by the end of 27 March occupy the North Sea coast in the sector DEN HELDER, THE HAGUE.

Upon reaching the coast of the North Sea organize a defense in coordination with allied navies. Suppress the command and control communications of the 1st AK of the "Orange" at the corps-division-brigade echelon with radioelectronic warfare equipment.

The Army is being allotted: 20 nuclear missiles (5 x 10 kt, 9 x 20 kt, 2 x 40 kt, 4 x 100 kt); one regimental sortie of ground attack aircraft; also, starting at 1400 24 March the front's reserves are being given the 17th md in the area 15 km south of LÜNEBURG.

The Army CP is at LÖNINGEN.

The direction of relocation is [towards] [APPELDORF].

Boundaries: [NEPPELN], NIJMEGEN.

3. With a strike in the direction of BURGSTEINFURT, XANTEN, the 3rd Army threatens the 1st AK of the Orange, forces the river RHINE from the march, and by the end of 25 March occupies the line NIJMEGEN, (excluding) BLERICK.

Then, beginning on the morning of 26 March it develops the offensive in the direction of KLEVE, KORTRIJK and by the end of 28-29 March occupies the line OSTEND, ROUBAIX, MONS.

4. At 1230 24 March the 31st rbr will launch strikes on nuclear-capable aircraft in the zone of the offensive of the 4th Army at the EDE and ZEIST airfields.


General of Armor Eugeniusz MOLCZYK



Division General Stanislaw ANTOS

Three copies printed

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