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March 24, 1975


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    In this hypothetical scenario, enemy forces have attacked Maritime Front troops with nuclear and chemical weapons. This document directs the troop leadership to modify their route to avoid contaminated areas, decontaminate all contaminated units, and repair and/or replenish their chemical equipment.
    "Military Exercise Soyuz-75 Instructions," March 24, 1975, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN-BU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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[Original Polish receipt and

declassification stamps]

[text very faded or blurred in spots] …of the 4th ARMY


Forward CP of the Maritime Front 5 km northeast of 1900 24 March 1975

Map 1:500,000 1961 edition

From 1100 to 1200 24 March 1975 the enemy launched 27 nuclear strikes on troops of the front with a total yield of 650 kt, including 6 ground bursts. In addition, he launched a chemical attack on the 15th rbr with OV [toxic chemical agents] [chemical symbol unreadable].

Dangerous contamination is possible in the zone of front operations, especially in the areas of [MINDEN?], [NORDHEIM?], WAL[?], and BRAUNSCHWEIG, EHRENBURG, BURG.

For reliable protection of the troops of the front from contamination the Commanding General of the Maritime Front

HAS orderED:

1. Regarding radiation and chemical reconnaissance:

- with forces of the front conduct reconnaissance of the contaminated zone along the river WESER and in the [EJ????-????BERG] sector, along the river EMS and in the [MÜNSTER-D?] sector.

- the 4th Army is to reconnoiter the route from the zone of contamination of the 6th and 10th [m]d's;

- the 3rd Army is to reconnoiter the route from the zone of contamination of the 3rd rbr and the 3rd arb [Vehicle Repair Base];

- the 7th Army is to reconnoiter the route from the zone of contamination of the 80th msd and 7th rbr;

- the 13th Army is to reconnoiter the area of the chemical strike and the 13th rbr's route from this area;

- the 3rd Air Army is to reconnoiter contaminated airfields and routes to regroup possible echelons.

Then the armies should pay special attention to reconnoitering the EMS and RHINE river crossing areas.

2. Regarding decontamination:

the 12th brkhz is to help:

- from 1600 to 2000 24 March with the forces of the bso of the 9th td in the area of [BRAUN?], [WATTERSTEDT?], [VOLFE?], and [BRATTEL?];

- from 1800 to 2300 24 March with the forces of the 2nd bso of the front CP and the 3rd Air Army CP, and also the 7th [pomp];

By the end of 25 March the 12th brkhz is to regroup to the area of [EGERLECH?] 30 km southeast of MÜNSTER.

Decontamination of the remaining contaminated units in the armies is to be conducted with their own forces.

Then, be ready to help troops crossing contaminated zones, especially at the boundaries of wide water barriers.

3. Regarding technical maintenance:

Send special chemical vehicles to the front chemical repair shop in the area of SACHSENHAGEN for repair and beginning 26 March to the area of [UELSE?]

By the end of 25 March replenish losses of chemical equipment and equipment to full standards from FPKhS [front forward chemical depot] (22nd OFTB [Front Rear Base Section) in the area of WE[?]N[?]SFELD.



Division General Stanislaw ANTOS

Six copies made

Copy Nº 1 - to the addressee [1 word blurred]

Copy Nº 2 - 4th Army

Copy Nº 3 - 5th Army

Copy Nº 4 - 7th Army

Copy Nº 5 - 13th Army

Copy Nº 6 - 3rd Air Army

[handwritten:] Nº 047