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January 17, 1955


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    A list of books and pamphlets to be distributed by China at the Asian-African for the purpose of propaganda. The topics concerned include: Nationality, Religion in China, China in general, Taiwan, and China's Five Principles
    "Plan (Draft) for Compilation, Translation and Publication in Cooperation for the Propaganda in the Asian-African Conference," January 17, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 207-00020-01. Obtained by Amitav Acharya and translated by Yang Shanhou.
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In order to cooperate with other units to carry out the propaganda work at the Asian-African Conference, which will be convened at the end of April this year, we must strengthen the Asian-African countries’ understanding of China, and expand the influence of our peace policy, we have made a preliminary plan to publish the following books before the opening of the conference.

In view of the fact that most of the participating countries are colonialist or semi-colonialist countries and the people of these countries are believers of Islamism or Buddhism, we should pay attention to the propaganda of nationality and religion in the books.

Since the conference is convened in Indonesia and the commonly used foreign languages in the participating countries are English and French, our books should be in the main in English, French and Indonesian.

The names of the books are listed as follows:

  1. Nationality

* (1) China’s policy on minority ethnic groups (It has been published in English and its contents include documents on the implementation of regional autonomy by minority ethic groups, the establishment of the united democratic government of local minority ethnic groups and the protection of the rights of the scattered minority ethnic groups, and the reports on the issue of minority ethnic groups by government leaders such as Zhou Enlai, Li Weihan, Ulanfu and Liu Geping).

* (2) The present situation of the Chinese minority ethnic groups (A compilation of articles in English, French and Indonesian selected from the magazine of the People’s China).

* (3) The Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups (Color collection of separate pictures already published in English, French and Indonesian, and it is planned to increase its number).

  1. Religion

* (1) Muslims in China (Album of separate pictures in English, French and Indonesian).

  1. China

* (1) Constitution (in English, French and Indonesian).

* (2) Report on the Amendment to the Draft Constitution (In English, French and Indonesian).

* (3) Report on Government Work (in English, French and Indonesian).

(4) Workers in China.

(5) Peasants in China.

(6) Women in China.

(7) Youth in China.

Each of the last four mentioned-above contains 30 thousand Chinese characters with vivid pictures, a systematic report of the conditions of the workers, peasants, youth and women in China.

* (8) China (Album of separate color pictures published already in English, French and Indonesian are planned to add more new pictures).

* (9) Selection of Traditional Chinese Paintings (20 carefully selected traditional Chinese paintings in English, French and Indonesian will be printed in color).

(10) Chinese Leather-silhouette Show post cards (a set of 12 cards in English, French and Indonesian).

(11) Chinese Scenery (A set of 12 cards in English, French and Indonesian). 

(12) Chinese Arts and Crafts (A set of 12 cards in English, French and Indonesian).

 * 4. The Five Principles (in English, French and Indonesian)

All conversations, speeches, statements, communiqués, declarations made or issued and photos taken on various occasions in Premier Zhou Enlai’s visit to India and Burma and Nehru and U Nu’s visit to China will be contained and the compilation plan will be attached in separate paper).

According to the above compilation plan, 19 topics will be selected, consisting of 12 categories of books and 7 categories of picture collections. We suggest that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will specially assign some persons to compile the two books, the Chinese People are Determined to Liberate Taiwan and the Five Principles; All-China Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Committee of Youth League and All-China Women’s Federation will be in charge of compiling the Workers in China, Peasants in China, Youth in China and Women in China respectively, which will be translated and published by the Foreign Languages Press, and the Foreign Languages Press will compile and publish the left books.  

The manuscripts of all the books are requested to be handed in before February 10.


1. Collection of Documents on Taiwan Issue (The compilation of the book has been completed and the draft has been submitted for approval. It is in English, containing the documents concerning Taiwan such as the Cairo Declaration, the Potsdam Proclamation, the declarations and statements of our government.).    

2. The Chinese People are Determined to Liberate Taiwan (It is in English, French and Indonesian and its contents are referred to in the outline in a separate paper)

Efforts will be concentrated to publish those books marked with * in the list of the books, but others will be strived to be published

Outline of the Chinese People are determined to liberate Taiwan

This pamphlet aims at making a brief and to the point account of the truth, clarifying the misunderstanding of the overseas ordinary people, refuting the enemy’s reactionary propaganda and absurd advocacy, and explaining our position on Taiwan issue. This pamphlet is limited to 30,000 Chinese characters, and its contents contain:

(1) Taiwan is a part of the Chinese territory (account from history, law, cause and others).

(2) US invasion of Taiwan and its activities.

(3) Reputes various absurd advocacies on Taiwan issue.

(4) The Chinese people are determined to liberate Taiwan (account on the just act and the determination of the liberation of Taiwan).

January 17, 1955

The Five Principles


This pamphlet aims at publicizing the Five Principles and the actual efforts in the establishment of the Asian peace region through the visit of Premier Zhou Enlai to India and Burma and the visit of Nehru and U Nu to China.

The contents of the pamphlet contain the relevant documents, conversations, declarations, communiqués and photos on various occasions in their visits.

Excerpts of the comments on the Five Principles and the establishment of an Asian peace region by the newspapers in China, India and Burma are considered to be included in the pamphlet as well.

January 17, 1955

This document is respectively sent to Zhang, Wang, He, Qiao, Chen, Liu, Dong, Huang, Gong, Xu, Chen Chu and Ke Hua.

This document is also sent to (1)Yao Zhen of the Propaganda Department of CPC Central Committee, (2)Wu Lengxi of Xinhua News Agency, (3) Liu Zunqi, (4)Chen Zhongjing, (5)Yang Gang, (6)Gao Ge and (7) Wen Jize of Broadcasting Administration.