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March 04, 1955


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    The Indonesian Ambassador to China talked to Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu about the intended official visit by Zhou Enlai to Indonesia, the issue of dual nationality between the two countries and the nature of the Chinese delegation to the Asian-African Conference.
    "Minutes of the Meeting between Vice Minister Zhang and the Indonesian Ambassador Mononutu ," March 04, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 105-00051-08, 213-216. Translated by Jeffrey Wang.
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Minutes of the Meeting between Vice Minister Zhang [Hanfu] and the Indonesian Ambassador [Arnold] Mononutu

4 March 1955

Mononutu: I have come to inform your Excellency that my government has received my telegraph. My government would like to express its thanks to the Chinese government for having Premier Zhou Enlai attend the Afro-Asian conference as the head of Chinese delegation.

Zhang: Just as Premier Zhou [Enlai] said, we still haven’t officially notified the united secretariat [of the Afro-Asian conference], so we can’t make this public yet.

Mononutu: Yes, in my telegraph to the Indonesian prime minister and to the united secretariat [of the Afro-Asian conference] I have instructed them to proceed this way. The Indonesian prime minister would like to express thanks to the Chinese government for his Excellency Zhou Enlai’s official state visit to Indonesia under the identity of State Council Premier. Regarding Premier Zhou [Enlai]’s inquiry, the issue of whether or not [his] state visit should be before or after the Afro-Asian conference; after the Afro-Asian conference would be best for the Indonesian government. This is because prior to the conference, some participating delegations would have already arrived in Indonesia, if we were to receive Premier Zhou [Enlai] at this time it would seem unfitting.

Zhang: How long would the [state] visit last?

Mononutu: Premier Zhou [Enlai] once said the visit cannot be too long, therefore I estimate about three days (which is the same duration as his visit to Burma). My personal opinion is that the official visit should take place the second day after the end of the Afro-Asian conference. The day in between [the end of the conference and the start of Premier Zhou’s visit], all delegations would be leaving Indonesia for their home country. At that time Premier Zhou [Enlai] and his entourage can then travel from Bandung to Jakarta and stay at the President’s Independence Palace. This will help the Indonesian government to officially receive [Premier Zhou and his entourage]. The Indonesian government hopes to know the number of people accompanying Premier [Zhou Enlai] on this official visit so they can make appropriate arrangements to receive them. During Premier Zhou [Enlai]’s visit, the two countries can sign an agreement on the issue of dual nationality.

Zhang: I shall report to Premier Zhou [Enlai]. When will the Indonesian government send an official invitation for the state visit to Premier Zhou [Enlai]. Also [we] hope that for the time being this affair is not publicized externally.

Mononutu: Yes…

Zhang: Wonder if the Ambassador has more information on the negotiations on the issue of dual nationality. When can the Indonesian government provide us with the draft agreement?

Mononutu: The telegraph I received only said that the government draft agreement will be finished. As of now your country’s ambassador is preparing to start initial negotiations with the Indonesian foreign ministry. Therefore, the Indonesian foreign ministry might possibly send the draft agreement to your ambassador at the same time. You can tell your ambassador to contact the Indonesian foreign ministry.

Zhang: Last time Premier Zhou [Enlai] met the ambassador, it was said that in principle the non-official negotiations will be conducted by Ambassador Huang with the Indonesian foreign ministry. We shall provide Ambassador Huang with instructions accordingly.

Mononutu: Regarding this matter I haven’t yet received a reply from the Indonesian Foreign Minister. [I] will probably receive [a reply] tomorrow or the day after. Right now I only received a telegraph from the Indonesian prime minister regarding Premier Zhou [Enlai]’s visit to Indonesia.

Zhang: Then, I look forward to further information from Ambassador…

Mononutu: I heard on March 10th there will be three gentlemen going to Indonesia to attend the negotiation on the issue of dual nationality.

Zhang: A total of six personnel will be going over [to Indonesia]. Three will be making initial preparations and necessary arrangements for the participation of the Chinese delegation in the Afro-Asian conference. The other three will be assisting Ambassador Huang in conducting the negotiations on the issue of dual nationality. Whether or not there is a need to send more personnel to assist in the negotiation is pending future considerations. Regarding the above six people going to Indonesia, [we] hope the Indonesian Ambassador to China can provide convenience and assistance.

Mononutu: I know, I will report back by telegraph and say that the six gentlemen will all stay at the Chinese embassy, the Indonesian government won’t have to help them prepare boarding and other matters.

Zhang: However of these, there will be some who want to [text illegible], if they have problems with housing, hope the Indonesian government may provide assistance.

Mononutu: Your country’s ambassador [to Indonesia] has a very good relationship with the Indonesian government, simply mention [the issue] and it will naturally be resolved. Regarding the issue of the special committees of the Afro-Asian conference; how many to include, what is the nature [of the committee], will all be decided by the conference itself. However, under my request, the united secretariat informed me that there will possibly be a political committee, an economic committee, a cultural committee, a social committee and etc. committees. This information might help you in deciding the candidates for your delegation [to the Afro-Asian conference].

This morning Mr. Sudibyo contacted the Asia Department because the united secretariat asked through a telegraph the number of people in the Chinese delegation, mode of transportation, itinerary, date of arrival and other such related questions. This is to better arrange for receiving [the delegation] (for example, whether or not the delegation is passing through Hong Kong, if they are then the united secretariat would telegraph Indonesian, Indian, Burmese and Pakistani, etc. countries’ representatives in Hong Kong to receive them). If possible inform Premier Zhou [Enlai] of itinerary and plans, so to more conveniently inform [and help] personnel at various locations in Indonesia to make arrangements.

Zhang: Wonder if the united secretariat received certain [other] country’s delegation personnel size and composition.

Mononutu: I do not know, I only received the previously mentioned telegraph from the united secretariat. I am afraid by the time [I receive the information you asked for from the united secretariat] I would have to return to Jakarta as well.

Zhang: OK, when does Ambassador depart?

Mononutu: I still do not know. I might be returning April first or [early April], hopefully I am already there before Premier Zhou [Enlai] arrives. I might provide some suggestions and simultaneously assist your Ambassador [in Indonesia]. For example certain things your Ambassador [Huang Zhen] may think unfitting [or inconvenient] to officially mention to the Indonesian government or the united secretariat; he can first unofficially converse with me in private and then mention those things officially.

Zhang: Thank you Ambassador for your good intentions.