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July 27, 1968


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    This Soviet cipher message gives orders to the Polish military leadership regarding the joint military exercise in Poland and Czechoslovakia.
    "Cipher Telegram 2784-323/8, To Minister of National Defense of Poland, Division General Cde. W. Jaruzelski," July 27, 1968, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Institute of Remembrance (IPN-BU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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[Translator's note: the text below contains numerous errors on the part of the typist. The translation presents the "cleanest" possible text.]

Top Secret

Incoming cipher message number 2784; outgoing number 323/8

Unit name: PGWR [Polish for "Northern Group of Forces"]-Legnica 1355 27 July 1968

To Minister of National Defense of the Polish People's Republic, Division General Cde. W. Jaruzelski.

Dear Comrade Minister!

In accordance with the agreement that was reached I request that you bring in an operations group for the exercise from the Silesian Military District as the HQ of the 2nd Army, the 10th and 11th TD's, the 4th MD, and give them following missions - the 11th TD from the departure area [excluding?] Legnica, Raszówka, [Chojnów], [excluding?] Zlotorjya, Javor, Legnica, Raszówka, Chojnów, Zlotorjya, and be in readiness to move out along the [following] routes: Nr. One - Zlotorjya, Kamienna-Góra, Trutnov, Dvur- Králové, Horice, Chlumec, Kutná Hora, Zlotorjya, Kamienna-Góra, Trutnov, Dzur, Králové, Horice, Chlumec, Kutná Hora. Nr. Two: - Javor, Strzegom, Walbrzych, Mieroszów, Broumov, Náchod, Jaromer, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Javor, and reach the area Kutná Hora, Pardubice, Nové Mesto, Vrchlabi. With the arrival of the division at this area take under control the cities of Kutná Hora, Cáslav, Pardubice, Hradec-Králové, Jicin, (first krt) Jaromer, Nové Mesto, Trutnov, Kutná Hora, Cáslav, Pardubice, Hradec-Králové, Jicin, [garbles] Nové Mesto, Trutnov, and organize military commandants' offices in them. In addition, take the airfields at Cáslav, Pardubice, Hradec-Králové under control, and also the garrison of the HQ of the CNA 10th VA [Air Army] in Hradec-Králové. Part two. Have the division HQ in Hradec-Králové. The line of departure to move across the state border - Lubawka Mieroszów. - the 10th TD from the departure area Opole, Krapkowice, Niemodlin, (excluding) [Biala]. Be in readiness to move along the routes: Nr. One - Biala, Glubczyce, Bruntal, Sumperk, Vysoké Mýto, Chrudim, Biala, Glubczyce, Bruntal, Sumperk, Vysoké Mýto, Chrudim. Nr. Two - Krapkowice, Kozle, Opava, Sternberk, Moravska - Trebová, Svitavy, Hlinsko, Havlickuv-Brod, [Krapkowice], Tajon, Havlickuv-Brod, Bystrica, Sumperk, Kostelec, Chrudim. On reaching this area take under control the cities of Havlickuv-Brod, Chrudim, [Stity], and Sumperk in which military commandants' offices are to be organized. Have the division HQ in Havlickuv-Brod. The line of departure to cross the state border - Braciszów, Pilszcz. 4th MD - Have the second echelon in the area of [Sobó]tka, Bielawa, Ziebice, Wiazów, in readiness to move onto the territory of the CSSR. Occupy the departure areas by 1400 29 July (local time). From the right - the 20th TD of the SGV enters the territory of the CSSR via two routes. Part three. Route. Boleslawiec, Pakoszów, Sitová, Jicin GB[SIC]. First, Demoku__, Kutná Hora, Pacov. [Repeats:] Boleslawiec, Pakoszów, Sytová, [Jicin?], Demoku__, Kutná Hora, Pacov. [From the left] - 24th MSD [Motorized Rifle Division] leaves for the area: Place - Libavá, Holesov, Frýdlant, Ostrava. Its right route - Rybnik, [Moszczenica], Bohumin, Ostrava.  The command post [of the 2nd?] Army [is to be] in the departure area - Swidnica…in the area designated for the task - Hradec-Králové. Communications will be established with the exercise control staff before the start of the advance and on departure for the designated areas: government telephone and secure telephone via radiorelay or landline communications channels: R[adio] - via radio net Nr 5? link 528 via a special communications group sent to the disposal of the HQ of the army, and also mobile communications equipment. During the advance communications [are to be] via radio and mobile equipment. The operations group of the Polish armed forces General Staff with the exercise control staff is to have a radio station for the receipt of codeword messages from the division (last) and units and it is to be provided with the necessary [keying] documents for operation in its own radio net to [report]: the departure for the departure area, [approximately two words garbled] in the course of the performance of missions - every hour [one word garbled] and departure to the designated areas. Logistical support of the troops of the 2nd Army is through their own resources and in accordance with the plan of the Polish Armed Forces General Staff. Please brief the formation and unit commanders that the mission of the troops being brought into the territory of the CSSR is to assist the organs of people's power in the suppression of counterrevolution and the restoration [of order] in the country. Therefore it is necessary to establish [one word partly off the page] relations with the troops in the course of the performance of the assigned mission. If the troops [of the CNA] greet the entry of the allied forces with understanding, coordinate with them to jointly carry out the assigned mission. When individual CNA subunits [one word partly off the page] counterrevolution localize them and subsequently disarm them. Use weapons in the event the other side uses them.

Marshal Yakubovsky