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August 30, 1968


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    Following the successful completion of the first stage of the joint military exercise in Czechoslovakia, Soviet Marshal Yakubovsky gives orders to Polish General Jaruzelski concerning the second stage. Four specific orders are given: the Polish military leadership must maintain friendly relations with the political bodies and civilians of occupied Czechoslovakia; maintain military preparedness; ensure the maintenance of proper living conditions for the Polish troops; and maintain adequate food supply and medical support for the Polish troops.
    "Cipher Telegram 3234-8/220, Warsaw to Minister of National Defense of the Polish People's Republic Division General Cde. W. Jaruzelski," August 30, 1968, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN-BU). Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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Incoming cipher message number 3234; outgoing number 8/220

Unit name: SGV Legnica 30 August 1968 20.04

Warsaw to Minister of National Defense of the Polish People's Republic Division General Cde. W. Jaruzelski

Dear Cde. Minister!

The allied troops have carried out with honor the missions to help the Czechoslovak people in the cause of protecting socialism and the security of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic from the intrigues of imperialism and counterrevolution, and have displayed high self-discipline and understanding of their internationalist duty. The second stage of the stationing of allied troops on the territory of Czechoslovakia has begun - assistance to the CC KP? and the government of the ?SSR in establishing and strengthening order and normal life in the country. The troops located on the territory of Czechoslovakia have been given the following instructions in connection with this.

First. All the daily practical activity of commanding generals, commanders, political organizations, and staffs and the operation of military commandants' offices are to be conducted in accordance with the communiqué published on 28 August. Under new conditions, when the CC KP? and the government of Czechoslovakia are taking steps directed at the normalization of the situation in the country and an improvement of the attitude toward us it is necessary to help government bodies solve these problems. Establish contact with Party and government bodies at the local level, trying to provide them with normal working conditions, and maintain constant contact with the command of the ?NA at the appropriate levels.

Begin friendly meetings everywhere between our soldiers and the population and soldiers of the ?NA, providing them with the reasons for our presence in the ?SSR. Perform this work in a well thought out, coordinated manner without offending the national feelings of the population or interfering in the internal affairs of the ?SSR. Demand and diligently halt the hostile attacks and subversive activity of counterrevolutionary elements. Help government organizations and ?NA units in this matter through arrangements with them. Report requests to begin radio and television broadcasts through the chain of command and begin them after appropriate permission. As regards requests for the removal of guards from individual buildings, storehouses, and other facilities, give the commanding generals of armies permission based on the local situation.

Second. Assiduously maintain organization, discipline, and high vigilance in the troops, staffs, and institutions. Formations and units are to be kept in readiness for decisive operations. Closely follow the situation and the progress of the situation inside Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak People's Army. Maintain combat equipment and weapons in working condition and in constant readiness for combat use. Keep all types of ammunition, fuel and lubricants, and other means of logistical support at the established norms. Organize and maintain reliable communications at all command levels.

Third. Create and maintain normal living conditions and routine for the troops. Keep the troops' location clean and in strict order. Refrain from giving personnel leave to population centers from the unit's area of deployment.

Fourth. Do not permit instances of interruptions in the food supply and keep strict track of the quality of food preparation. Take steps for the timely supply of the personnel with long underwear and other warm clothing, clothing in good repair, and tents. Organize normal medical supplies for the troops, the timely washing of the personnel and linen, and medical support. Keep track of the appearance of the personnel, neatness, and model behavior. Cde. Minister, please give orders to ensure the fulfillment of these missions by the Second Army of the Polish Armed Forces. Your representative, Brigade General  Cde. Dipanow, has been familiarized with the troops' missions.


Yakubovsky, Marshal of the Soviet Union

Decrypted 30.8.1968 21.00