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October 08, 1950


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    Telegram from the Chairman of the General Staff of the Soviet Army in North Korea to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR with information from the North Korean government about the procedure for concentrating and introducing the united Chinese Peoples’ Volunteers into the territory of the DPRK.
    "Telegram from Matveev to Council of Ministers," October 08, 1950, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, TsAMO RF, fond 5, opis 918795, delo 121, listi 712-713. Translated by James F. Person.
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No. 1437

8 October 1950    16:30

I report:

On 8 October 1950 at 12:30 local time Kim Il Sung invited me and Shtykov to have a conversation.

During the conversation, Kim Il Sung said that at 6 o’clock on 8 October 1950 the ambassador of our friends came to him and delivered to him a ciphered telegram in which it allegedly briefly stated:

1. The friends will commit troops, though the number is not specified

2. Send to Mukden [Shenyang] a representative from Kim Il Sung in order to decide matters related the decision of our friends

3. To describe the situation on the front and in the region where the troops of our friends are concentrated

The commander will be Peng Dehuai.

Kim Il Sung is dispatching Pak Il-u to Mukden without delay in order to resolve the specified matters. The latter will be in Mukden on the morning of 10 October 1950.

Kim Il Sung assumes that the friends will give no less than 12 units.

Based on this, it has been decided to ask the friends for three units from the region of Ganghwa-Jin-an and by combined march send them to the region of Genzan-Kanko [Wonsan-Hamheung].

Three units – to the region of Anju. Their aim—to guard the coast in that region from naval landing parties.

Maintain six units as a concentrated force, amassing them, for now, in the region of Northeast Anju. Following their use—depending on the situation, to the time when they are fully concentrated.

It is hard to establish the time it will take to concentrate them, but we can guess, that in the region of Anju, they will gather within 7-10 days. In the region of Genzan-Kanko [Wonsan-Hamheung] it will take no less than 12 days.

In connection with this, would it not be expedient, for the purpose of having an organized deployment of the troops of our friends into battle, for me and my group to go to Andong in order to provide assistance to the friends.

With the help of “BODO,” a connection with Moscow can be established in Andong.