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August 14, 1953


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    The Polish Embassy reports on the agenda of the 6th Plenum of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee.
    "Note from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea," August 14, 1953, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Polish Foreign Ministry Archive. Obtained for NKIDP by Jakub Poprocki and translated for NKIDP by Maya Latynski.
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Embassy of the Pyongyang, 14 August 1953

Polish Republic

in Korea

No. 2421/59/53TJN[secret]


From 5th to 9th August of this year, the 6th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party took place. The agenda of the 6th Plenum was as follows:

1. The struggle for post-war reconstruction and development of the national economy in connection to the signing of the ceasefire and further tasks for the party;

2. About anti-party and anti-state sabotage-spying activities of the Ri Seung-yeop [Ri Sung Yop] clique and the question of Heo Ga-i [Ho Ka I]’s suicide;

3. Organizational questions.

Comrade Kim Il Sung gave the first speech about the first point of the 6th Plenum’s discussions. The main motif of the speech was a detailed discussion of the plan for the reconstruction and development of the DPRK’s national economy. I will send an analysis of this plan according to Comrade Kim Il Sung’s speech in my next political report.

On the second point of the discussions, CC Secretary of the KWP Pak Jeong-ae [Pak Jong Ae] gave a speech. The contents of the speech by Comrade Pak Jeong-ae have not been published anywhere yet.

On the third point of the discussions, the CC Plenum adopted several organizational resolutions, which are the result of discussions about the first and second points, namely:

a. The CC KWP Plenum adopted the resolution about excluding 7 members of the CC (including former V[ice]-Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the KPR Pak Heon-yeong [Pak Hong Yong], former DPRK ambassador to the Soviet Union and later V[ice]-Minister of Foreign Affairs Ju Yeong-ha [Ju Yong Ha] and former minister of Foreign Trade Jang Si-u [Jang Si U]) from the CC and from the party for their anti-party and anti-state activity;

b. The Plenum removed from among party ranks the deputy member of the CC, former KPR ambassador to China, Gwon O-jik [Kwon O Jik] for his anti-party and anti-national activities;

c. For failing to demonstrate the proper attitude and loyalty to the party and the state, the Plenum adopted the resolution to remove from among the members of the CC four members, including the former head of the 3rd department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK Gu Jae-su [Ku Jae Su] and the vice-chairman of the Union of Democratic Women Jo Bong-rye [Jo Pong Rye];

d. the Plenum co-opted 5 new members to replace those who had been removed from the positions of deputy members of the CC.

On the remaining organizational questions, the Plenum adopted the following resolutions:

a. A Presidium of the CC composed of 15 members, namely Kim Il Sung, Kim Du-bong [Kim Tu Bong], Pak Jeong-ae, Pak Chang-ok [Pak Chang Ok], Kim Il, Pak Yeong-bin [Pak Yong Bin], Choe Won-taek [Choe Won Thaek], Choe Chang-ik [Choe Chang Ik], Jeong Il-ryong [Jong Il Ryong], Kim Hwang-il [Kim Hwang Il], Gang Mun-seok [Kang Mun Sok], Kim Seung-hwa [Kim Sung Hwa], Kim Gwang-hyeop [Kim Kwang Hyop], Pak Geum-cheol [Pak Kum Chol] and Nam Il, was created to replace the existing organizational office.

b. The Plenum elected a new CC political bureau made up of Kim Il Sung, Kim Du-bong, Pak Jeong-ae, Pak Chang-ok and Kim Il.

c. The Plenum abolished the functions of the CC Secretaries and created the functions of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the CC. The Chairman of the CC KWP is Comrade Kim Il Sung, and the vice-Chairmen are Pak Jeong-ae, Pak Chang-ok and Kim Il.

d. The Plenum adopted a resolution to create a Commission for developing a new statute of the Party. The commission is made up of 16 members with the Chairman of the CC KWP Kim Il Sung at its head.

As an outcome of the 6th Plenum, the Chairman of the Commission of Party Control attached to the CC KWP Jang Sun-myeong [Jang Sun Myong] and his deputy Ri Gi-seok [Ri Ki Sok] were relieved of their current functions. Former DPRK emissary to Czechoslovakia, Kim Eung-gi [Kim Ung Gi], who had recently held the function of the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Gangwon Province, was named chairman of the Commission of Party Control.

Furthermore, the Plenum approved Kim Chu Men [sic] to the position of the Head of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the CC, Kim Hwang-il as head of the Work Department, Kim Min-san [Kim Min San] as Social Head and  Ri Cheol-won [Ri Chol Won] as head of Education.

The resolutions of the 6th Plenum of the CC KWP have great significance for the further strengthening of the party’s internal unity. The Plenum showed to the wide masses of party members that the party is capable of isolating and cutting out anti-state and anti-party elements, whose activities have come into the open in the period of the national-liberation war, from the party.

Approved: K. Cerekwicki

Chargé d’Affaires of the PRL [Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa— People’s Republic of Poland] Embassy in the DPRK

4 copies made:

Copy no. 1-Chairman of the Council of Ministers,

Comrade Boles?aw Bierut

 “         “ 2-Comrade J. Berman

 “         “ 3-Comrade E. Ochab

 “         “ 4-Comrade O. D?uski