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November 08, 1962


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    A cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba describing a visit by Guevara's mother [Celia de la Serna y Llosa], Madam Moke, and Abraham Guillén [a Marxist author].
    "Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba Investigation Group, 'Guevara's Mother Talked About the Soviet-Cuban Relationship'," November 08, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 111-00601-02, 3-4. Translated by Zhang Qian.
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Central Investigation Department,

Guevara’s mother [Celia de la Serna y Llosa], Madam Moke [sic], and Abraham Guillén [a Marxist author], three people visited our embassy at their initiative. After studying [the situation], [we] decided to designate Comrade Xiong You [ ...] [sic] to meet on our behalf. As to the content of the conversation, in accordance with the instruction of the Foreign Ministry, [Xiong] did not speak but only listened regarding the Soviet-Cuban conflict.

According to Guevara’s mother, […] [sic] the leader of the Argentine national liberation movement [sic, sentence unclear], prior to [this conversation], we had met her twice by chance at Madam Moke’s (details of which had been reported separately). When this time we came to the topic of supporting Cuba in defending its sovereignty, Guevara’s mother spoke darkly, “I’m afraid Cuba is collapsing.”

Madam Moke talked to Guevara on the night of 6 [November]. She said that [she] tried persuading Guevara to talk to Chinese comrades. Guevara replied, “[The situation] now is intense. Mikoyan is here. I have no time to see Chinese comrades. Between the Chinese comrades and us there is no conflict.” Madam Moke also suggested that the Chinese comrades ought to look for Guevara and talk. [She] even mentioned that the blow to Guevara this time is considerable, to which we gave no comment.

Abraham claimed to be born in Spain, had participated in the Spanish civil war, [...] [sic] to be a military expert and economist, with works such as Imperialism of the Dollar [and the Direct Inversions-Appendix], and The Agony of Imperialism. [He said to] give one copy of each to Chairman Mao. At the invitation of Cuban government [he] came in secrecy to Cuba to work as the staff of an Argentine secret academy which now has over 40 students. Abraham claimed to be a non-party Marxist-Leninist and a Maoist; China, [he said,] was his second homeland. In the conversation, he appeared to hate Khrushchev bitterly, holding that Khrushchev was afraid of war, not allowing Latin American people to wage revolution and saying that Khrushchev had thrown [Fidel] Castro into a river and drowned him. Marxist-Leninists should open a military revolution in Latin America and save Cuba. [He] also gave us a copy of their detailed plan to open military struggle in Argentina, which [was supposed to] symbolize their trust in Chinese comrades and wish for cooperation. In the conversation, [he] profusely praised Chairman Mao, saying that Chairman Mao was the leader of all oppressed peoples in the world, and that their plan was devised in accordance with the spirit of Chairman Mao’s thought. [Abraham] wished China to accelerate the research on the hydrogen bomb, [saying that only by this would] world peace could be guaranteed and etc. Judging from the outcomes of this contact, Abraham is under the leadership of Madam Moke.

Regarding what issues should receive attention in future contacts, please instruct.

Investigative Group of Embassy in Cuba

8 November 1962

CC: Foreign Ministry, Investigation Department

Comment by Kong Yuan:

Please let Foreign Ministry read [this cable]

Cable Received by Machine

0356 Central Investigation Department