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October 28, 1962


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    Pavlicek writes of a breakthrough with the UN Secretary General and Cuba with regards to ending the crisis; Castro is willing to enter into settlements to resolve the crisis peacefully, on the condition that Cuba's sovereignty and security not be infringed by the United States. Preparations are being made for Cuban foreign minister Raul Roa to fly to the UN Security Council meeting.
    "Cable no. 332 from the Czechoslovak Embassy in Havana (Pavlíček)," October 28, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Archive, Archive of the CC CPCz, (Prague); File: “Antonín Novotný, Kuba,” Box 122.
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Telegram from Havana File # 11097

Arrived: 28.10.62 20:45

Processed: 28.10.62 22:30 Office of the President, G, Ku, 6, OMO

Dispatched: 28.10.62 22:45


To comrade Kurk.

The KRV [Cuban Revolutionary Front] received a message from [UN Secretary-General] U Thant in the evening hours of 26.10, to which Fidel [Castro] responded on 27.10 [27 October]. Among other things, Fidel’s text says that Cuba is willing to discuss its problems with the USA in cooperation with the United Nations so that the crisis gets resolved. However, Cuba refuses to accept any sort of infringement of its sovereignty, such as a blockade or aggressive actions and demands by the USA which entail deciding what rights Cuba has, what kinds of weapons it has, which weapons are defensive, its relations with the USSR, and steps in international politics to which all nations are entitled and which compose the norms of UN standards—Cuba has a right to these so that it can ensure its security and sovereignty. The KRV is willing to accept suggestions in its effort to maintain peace, but on the assumption that during the negotiations the USA will cease the threats and aggressive actions against Cuba, especially the naval blockade. Cuba is not breaching international law—in contrast, it suffered the aggressive actions of the USA, such as the naval blockade and a series of others, by which the rights of Cuba were trampled upon. Fidel is currently expressing the wish to weigh every proposal and if he regards it as a positive step towards peace, he invites U Thant as the Secretary General of the UN to Havana for talks about the current crisis, with the goal of preventing a dangerous war. The unrestricted respect of Cuba’s sovereignty is a necessary precondition for Cuba to be able to contribute to resolving the problems, together with all nations fighting for peace—the exception being that Cuba would be surrendered and asked to relinquish the rights which every sovereign state possesses. In the evening hours U Thant answered with a preliminary acceptance of the invitation to Havana; upon instructions from Fidel, [Cuban Foreign Minister Raúl] Roa will immediately fly to meet the [UN] Security Council. Please pass along the briefly worded message from Fidel, as per the wishes of Minister Raúl Roa Kouro.

Pavlíček 332