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October 30, 1962


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    Pavlicek reports there is an apparent rift between Cuban Foreign Ambassador Roa and Soviet Premier Khrushchev on the orders to dismantle the missile sites. Roa believes the people will not understand and misinterpret this step by the Soviets, as well as the Soviet Union losing international prestige. Fidel Castro plans to make a speech on public television to clarify the whole situation. Castro also made clear his paranoia about the United States not holding up to their promises and was convinced an invasion was still imminent.
    "Cable no. 335 from the Czechoslovak Embassy in Havana (Pavlíček)," October 30, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Archive, Archive of the CC CPCz, (Prague); File: “Antonín Novotný, Kuba,” Box 122.
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Telegram from Havana File # 11.184

Arrived: 30.10.62 13:00

Processed: 30.10.62 15:15 Office of the President, G, Ku, 6, OMO

Dispatched: 30.10.62 15:45


Kurk. From talks between [Cuban Foreign Minister Raúl] Roa and [Soviet Ambassador Aleksandr] Alekseev it became clear that Fidel [Castro] and the KRV, who are clear about [Soviet Premier Nikita S.] Khrushchev’s orders to dismantle [the missiles], are nevertheless concerned that the general population and the army will not understand this step, and they are also concerned about the danger of the Soviet Union losing some prestige. Thus far the press and radio are commenting on the matter insufficiently and [sic] clarifying for the people all the measures and suggestions on the part of the Soviet Union. Thus, according to Alekseev, Fidel will evidently speak on television and clarify the entire situation. Furthermore, Fidel fervently tried to convince Alekseev that thus far he does not believe in any of the USA’s guarantees and he is convinced of the USA’s treachery in that, in the event of dismantling, they will [nevertheless] invade. According to Roa, [UN Secretary General] U Thant and his advisers will arrive in Havana on Tuesday 30 October to begin talks with Fidel and clarify the requests of the Cubans. After the negotiations end, Roa will return to the UN with U Thant. This evening a special messenger, [sent by Brazilian President João] Goulart, will arrive with a message regarding Brazil’s position.

In Venezuela, there was a huge act of sabotage affecting oil equipment, which forced [President Romulo] Betancourt to mobilize and protect the equipment. Estimates say 1/6th of the equipment was ruined. The internal situation remains unchanged, as we reported last time. Calm prevails and battle alertness is heightened in connection with the constant threats of attack by the USA.

Pavlíček 335