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November 16, 1962


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    The cable relays an important development in regards to press coverage of the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis. There are strict controls and reviews to be placed on news from the Soviet Union, and there is to be no publications by Presna Latina about peaceful coexistence or solidarity with the Soviet Union, about export of arms, etc. until a resolution has been reached. Khrushchev's name is not to be mentioned anywhere. There are also strict limitations placed on foreign correspondents and journalists.
    "Cable no. 365 from the Czechoslovak Embassy in Havana (Pavlíček)," November 16, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, National Archive, Archive of the CC CPCz, (Prague); File: “Antonín Novotný, Kuba,” Box 122.
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Telegram from Havana File # 11.960 St

Arrived: 16.11.62 04:20

Processed: 16.11.62 05:45 Office of the President, G, Ku

Dispatched: 16.11.62 06:45


A strictly confidential and scaled-down meeting of the leadership held in Prel on 14 November apparently gave the following instructions: Strict controls and reviews of news from the Soviet Union, and no publication in Prensa Latina of any news regarding peaceful coexistence nor about the solidarity of whomever with the Soviet Union, especially about the exports of arms, etc., until the situation is resolved. If possible, do not mention [Soviet Premier Nikita S.] Khrushchev. In the event of a critical situation, decisions will be made by Prel Carneado, an old member of the Party. Limitations placed on foreign correspondents and writers are also emphasized—they will get materials only from the director or his replacement. ADN and PAP allegedly protested. Vavruš is thus far without greater difficulties. Thus far unconfirmed information states that Pen, a former administrator and Revuelta’s successor, has been sentenced to death in connection with allowing a US reconnaissance plan to unfold—a government plan to establish a section for a secret agency within the offices of Prensa Latina, the goals of which are not yet known. Revuelta’s appeal is perhaps connected to the problems already mentioned, but he is not accused. Inspections and improvements in reporting are already underway—for example, the front page of Pravda let go of the question of preventing a world war, and support for Fidel Castro’s 5 Points remains, with a similar statement coming from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uruguay.

We are watching and consulting the entire question with the Soviet friends and will inform further.

Pavlíček 365