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September 22, 1964


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    The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the PRC and DPRK share the same views on all the major issues. It wants to prepare a warm reception for the North Korean delegation, headed by Choe Yong-geon, attending the 15th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. A note attached to the bottom of the message suggests that Choe Yong-geon might have a meeting with Liu Shaoqi.
    "Opinions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Receiving the Korean Workers’ Party Delegation," September 22, 1964, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 204-01532-06, 20-22. Obtained by Shen Zhihua and translated by Jeffrey Wang and Charles Kraus.
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In recent years, the leadership of the Chinese and Korean parties and countries have, on many occasions, exchanged views. Comrade Kim Il Sung recently paid a visit to the Northeast [of China], and Premier [Zhou Enlai] and Comrade Deng Xiaoping personally received him and had face-to-face discussions with him. Whether anti-imperialism or anti-revisionism, the views of our two parties are one and the same on all of the major issues. The specifics of our bilateral friendship and cooperation include trade issues, which, through the visit to [North] Korea by the Chinese trade mission and the visit to China by the [North] Korean trade delegation, are being resolved and addressed; concerning economic aid work, Comrade Chen Yi recently visited [North] Korea to advance [our] understanding [and make] the situation [of aid work] normal. There are no major issues waiting to be resolved in [our] bilateral relationship.

With Comrade Choe Yonggeon [Choe Yonggon] leading the delegation of the Korean [Workers’] Party to attend, at our invitation, the celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we should offer [him] a grand, gracious, warm, and friendly reception. [This will] strengthen the intimate relationship between our two parties and countries and enhance the fraternal friendship between the peoples of China and Korea. Apart from making arrangements for unified activities and unified meetings for the delegation, we would like to also separately arrange a meeting between the delegation and the Chinese leadership. During the meeting, [we] can discuss Comrade Kim Il Sung’s visit to the Northeast, any outstanding international issues, and the situation of socialist development in China and Korea. In addition, last year when [Central] Committee Chairman Choe Yonggeon visited China, he had expressed that he wanted to go to Guangzhou and Kunming in the south [of China]. This trip did not take place at that time because of the hot weather [in those cities] and Comrade Choe Yonggeon’s health. [However], if Comrade Choe Yonggeon still wants to visit other regions [in China], we can make those arrangements for him.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

22 September 1964


People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs (64) Second Asia Department Serial 1208

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Views on the Reception for the [North] Korean Party Delegation” has been approved by the Central Committee. Premier [Zhou Enlai] commented that “Comrade Choe Yonggeon needs to be met with individually, and perhaps he should have a meeting with Chairman Liu [Shaoqi].” Chairman Liu has read this [comment]. Please implement as printed.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (chop)

22 September 1964