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October 30, 1962


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    Vidakovic describes one of his (daily) meetings with Raul Roa. They discuss Cuban independence, U Thant and relations with Brazil.
    "Telegram from Yugoslav Embassy in Havana (Vidaković) to Yugoslav Foreign Ministry," October 30, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMIP), Belgrade, Serbia, PA (Confidential Archive) 1962, Kuba, folder F-67. Obtained by Svetozar Rajak and Ljubomir Dimić and translated by Radina Vučetić-Mladenović.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FPRY

Sending: Havana

Received: 30.X 62. at 09.00

No. 238

Taken into process: 30.X 62. at 10.30

Date: 30.X 1962

Completed: 30.X 62. at 11.20




To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Yours 435141.

On the bases of my and [Cuban Foreign Minister Raúl] Roa’s agreement to keep in touch on everyday basis, I saw him again today.

They were having conferences all morning in the presidential palace.

During the conversation it was emphasized in the proper form that the further development [of the situation] greatly depended on the form and tone of their actions. The whole world is convinced of their decisiveness to defend their independence. It’s not necessary to underline that, but to act wisely and skillfully. He fully agrees personally and presents collective opinion. Their attitude is to wait and be absolutely quiet until U Thant’s arrival. He will be welcomed warmly and attentively. U Thant asked that his visit should have only a working character (journalists, diplomats, manifestations, etc. excluded).

I underlined our engagement and maximum activity since the beginning of the crisis, because of the friendly attitude towards Cuba, based on principles. It is useful to draw conclusions from that. Apart from his personal satisfaction and gratitude, he wants it to be known that this belief was widely spread among the whole leadership. Long before the crisis, in one of the talks with [Cuban President Osvaldo] Dorticos, he informed him about our talks and discussed the relationships with us and need to get free of everything that was poisoning them. I remarked that the whole situation was instructive for the little ones who let them be objects in the games played by the big ones. His immediate response was that they had never been nor would ever be the object in someone’s game and that they had had and would have their own policy. I did not wish to insist any further, in particular since what he has said barely hid his intimate conviction that it is [indeed] so.

Great support given in the whole world should be appreciated and kept. It is especially important for the LA countries. He fully agrees with that, underlining the role of Brazil. [Brazilian President João] Goulart’s special envoy [Gen. Albino Silva] with the message for Fidel has just arrived. Doesn’t know the content yet.

The above conversation was held in the familiar atmosphere as among friends, with some pranks on the account of their “great friends” the Chinese and the others.

I will slowly try to broaden the circle of the executives for contacting.

All the work done wasn’t intrusive and having the spirit of your instructions. It would be necessary to keep us informed especially about the turning and changes in the UNO [UN Organization].