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January 21, 1955


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    Report on Indonesian public opinion about the upcoming Asian-African Conference.
    "Cable from Liu Guanyi, 'Report regarding the Situation of the Asian-African Conference'," January 21, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 207-00002-04, 139-140. Translated by Jeffrey Wang.
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Forward to: [Chen] Jiakang, Wen Jin, Yue Qian

Priority Level: Additional Rush

From: Czechoslovakia

Date: 1955 January 21

Already forwarded to: [Liu] Shaoqi, [Zhou] Enlai, [Deng] Xiaoping, Chen Yi, [Xi] Zhongxun, Foreign Ministry, Peng Zhen, He Da, [Wang] Jiaxiang, [Li] Kenong, Guidance Committee, [Liao] Chengzhi, [Liu] Ningyi, [Lu] Dingyi

Report regarding the Situation of the Asian-African Conference

[Zhang] Hanfu, [Liao] Chengzhi, [Liu] Ningyi, [Lu] Dingyi, Peng Zhen, [Wang] Jiaxiang and to Premier [Zhou Enlai]:

I met the Indonesian representative Su-lu-sou [sic] (He is a member of the communist party) in Vienna in order to exchange some views about issues in the world peace permanent committee regarding expansion of the conference and the issue of the Asia (peace) conference. [During that exchange I] learned about the situation of the Afro-Asian conference, specially reported as follows, for consultation purposes:

(1) The Indonesian people enthusiastically welcome and support the resolution of the Bogor Conference; the Indonesian communist party was the first political party to issue a statement supporting the Afro-Asian conference; other parties and groups also subsequently issued statements expressing support; currently there is a committee established in Jakarta to support the Afro-Asian conference; a total of fifty political parties and mass groups joined [the committee]; [the said] committee is currently planning to establish branches in other major cities especially Bandung in order to publicize and conduct activities.

(2) When the Bogor conference was discussing the issue of inviting China to attend the Afro-Asian conference, Burma had an effect [on the discussion], according to Su-lu-sou: (Inside information received from the Indonesian Foreign Ministry) At the Bogor conference Pakistan and Ceylon were opposed to inviting China and Vietnam to attend the Afro-Asian conference. Since Indonesia was the host of the conference it was in a difficult position, but U Nu insisted on inviting China. He said: If China does not attend the Afro-Asian conference, Burma will also not attend.

(3) Indonesian public opinion feels regrets towards not inviting the Soviet Union to the Afro-Asian conference. At the Bogor conference the Indonesian government also felt difficulties regarding the issue [of inviting the Soviet Union to the Afro-Asian conference]. Since the issue of inviting China was only resolved with some disputes, Indonesia did not dare to bring forth the issue of inviting the Soviet Union during the Bogor conference.

(4) However the Afro-Asian conference is not without internal opposition; the American imperialists harmfully publicized the Indonesian government as a communist government in order to diminish the importance of the Afro-Asian conference. In addition to American pressure on Pakistan and Ceylon, [the United States] is in league with the Masyumi Party and the Socialist Party; [the United States] intends to conduct sabotage from within Indonesia, however even today the Masyumi Party and the Socialist Party have not yet dared to publically oppose the Afro-Asian conference.

(5) Indonesian officials and the Indonesian people enthusiastically welcome the support of China towards the Afro-Asian conference. The Indonesian government’s press and three other major newspapers forwarded the People’s Daily’s editorial supporting the Afro-Asian conference; radio stations even made broadcasts; with China’s support the Indonesian people feel even more optimistic about the Afro-Asian conference.

(6) The head secretary of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry once asked how come the Asia (Peace) conference isn’t held in Indonesia? At the same time he expressed hopes that the Asia (Peace) conference can be held before the Afro-Asian conference in order to gain support for the Afro-Asian conference.

Liu Guanyi

21 January [1955]