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April 15, 1957


This document was made possible with support from the ROK Ministry of Unification, Leon Levy Foundation

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    Puzanov and Kim Il Sung reaffirm the need for solidarity between the Soviet Union and North Korea. Then Kim Il Sung shares about the unanimity achieved in KWP ranks and the agenda to discuss rice and fish products at the upcoming KWP CC plenum on 18 April.
    "Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 15 April 1957," April 15, 1957, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AVPRF F. 0102, Op. 13, P. 72, Delo 5, Listy 16-35. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.
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Nº 105 Copy Nº 1

27 April 1957

[faded USSR MFA Stamp: 01263s

17 May 1957]

The Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A. M. PUZANOV

for the period 13 to 27 April 1957



15 April 1957

I visited Cde. Kim Il Sung and personally congratulated him on his 45th birthday on my own behalf and that of Embassy officials. Kim Il Sung warmly thanked [me] for the visit and the congratulations.

In the conversation which took place Cde. Kim Il Sung said: they still have little experience in the development of a new socialist society and they are still young and insufficiently experienced as leaders. Hence there are shortcomings and mistakes in the work, but as soon as they note these shortcomings and mistakes or are advised of them they take steps to correct [them], and do everything for socialist development to proceed successfully. Kim Il Sung expressed the desire for our relations to be sincere, open, and Communist. He asks that comments or suggestions be expressed frankly and openly. Kim Il Sung noted at this point that he recalls relations with Ambassadors Cdes. Shtykov and Razuvayev to this day with great warmth. I said in reply to this that my desires, too, are sincerity and cordiality in our relations, openness and Party spirit. The CPSU CC and the Soviet government follow the work of the KWP with great attention and are happy for the successes of the Korean people in the revival and development of the economy, and are rendering selfless aid in this matter. It is natural that my task as Ambassador also is to further strengthen the friendship between the Korean and Soviet peoples and this is only conceivably successful with mutually friendly and warm relations with the KWP leadership and the DPRK government.

Kim Il Sung then said that after the August and September KWP CC plenums they had achieved unity of Party ranks and unanimity of the CC. It is true, he noted, it is still not what [I/we] would like it to be since there are some comrades who do not completely share our views and policies, but we are pursuing the necessary work with them.

Speaking of the KWP CC plenum convened for 18 April Kim Il Sung said that this plenum will be short, two days, inasmuch as it is necessary to discuss practical issues concerning an increase of the rice yield, and the target figures for 1957 were discussed in detail at the December plenum. More important issues are: the issue of increasing the catch of all species of fish, the best organization of work to catch fish of valuable species on the west coast when the period the fish approach is determined to be about 15 days. Speaking of this, Kim Il Sung meant that up to now they had not organized the delivery of fish to shore with special ships, but the same ships were doing this which were engaged in catching fish, so much time is being lost. The improvement of the use of valuable fish byproducts obtained during gutting is a serious issue - livers, roe, etc. Great attention will be paid to the organization of the shipment of fish throughout the country, not in bags and sacks as is done right now, but in barrels and boxes. With the present method of shipping a great deal of valuable food for feeding the population is lost and the budget receives fewer resources than it is due. After the plenum Presidium members and government leaders will go to the grass roots to explain the decisions of the CC plenum.

Kim Il Sung said that Cde. Siroky remained very satisfied with the sentiments of the Korean workers, seeing in this, as he said, an expression of support for the domestic and foreign policy of the KWP and DPRK government. We, said Cde. Siroky, will strengthen the defense of our socialist camp from the west and we, says Kim Il Sung, told him that we will strengthen the defense of our socialist camp from the east.

Kim Il Sung reported that the government delegation of the Polish Peoples Republic headed by Cde. Cyrankiewicz which has arrived remained very satisfied by the reception which the population gave them when meeting the delegation and during the holding of the rally.

The conversation was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Pak Jeong-ae [Pak Jong Ae] and Ri Dong-yong were present at the conversation.