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October 02, 1957


This document was made possible with support from the ROK Ministry of Unification, Leon Levy Foundation

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    Nam Il is indignant over the murder of South Korean citizens by U.S. troops and comments on Ri Sang-jo's membership status in the Korean Workers' Party.
    "Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 2 October 1957," October 02, 1957, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AVPRF F. 0102, Op. 13, Delo 5, Listy 257-307. Translated for NKIDP by Gary Goldberg.
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2 October 1957

I visited Nam Il at his invitation.

Nam Il reported that there had been recent cases of murders of South Koreans by American soldiers. The DPRK population is incensed by the lawlessness and brutality created by the American militarists. We have information that the population of South Korea is also incensed at the acts of the American occupation authorities and is demanding that the necessary measures be taken.

In connection with the murders which have been committed we are of the opinion to address a letter to the UN Secretary General and ask him to copy our letter to UN member countries. But before sending such a letter, we would like to know the opinion of the USSR MFA about the advisability of sending such a letter at this time. Right now we are sorting out the facts about this issue and will inform you when we will do this, and afterwards we will ask that the USSR MFA be informed.

I told Nam Il that his request will be fulfilled.

Nam Il reported that at the KWP CC Plenum besides the issue of construction the issue of convening a Party conference to discuss the target figures for the first five-year plan will also be examined, and the decision of the Party organization of the DPRK Embassy in the USSR about the expulsion of candidate KWP CC member Ri Sang-jo from the Party will also be examined. Ri Sang-jo was sent a letter by the KWP CC about this issue with an invitation to take part in the work of the KWP CC Plenum.

I asked Nam Il what was the need to examine the issue of Ri Sang-jo's Party membership at this Plenum inasmuch as Kim Il Sung, as he told me in a 1 October conversation, he considers it necessary to inform and consult with the CPSU CC leadership about intra-Party issues while in Moscow. As you have said, a decision of a Party conference about expelling Ri Sang-jo from the Party ranks was made in connection with his factional activity last year. Therefore it is unclear, for what reason would the issue of Ri Sang-jo be raised for consideration at the October CC Plenum?

Nam Il replied unpersuasively that posing the issue of Ri Sang-jo at the KWP CC Plenum was evidently caused by the fact that the decision of the Party conference about expelling from the Party was taken long ago, so the issue of his Party membership should be considered by the Plenum.

At the end of the conversation Nam Il asked he be give a list of pictures which he wants the USSR Ministry of Culture to obtain from those exhibited at the 6th [World Youth] Festival in Moscow. Then he said that Kim Il Sung had given an order about sending the requested pictures to the USSR Ministry of Culture free of charge.

I explained that the USSR Ministry of Culture has the necessary funds and wants to have pictures for an award which will be named by the authors. The list of pictures will be sent to Nam Il.