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January 12, 1976


This document was made possible with support from the Leon Levy Foundation

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    In this annex, the Moldavian Communist Party lists historical works which are to prepared as part of the campaign designed to counter nationalistic Romanian propaganda.
    "Transcript No. 100, §3, Annex No. 2, 'List of Works on the History of the Formation of the Moldavian Nation, and of Russo-Romanian, Soviet-Romanian and Moldo-Romanian Relations that Subsequently will be Prepared and Published in 1976-1980'," January 12, 1976, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AOSPRM, fond. 51, inv. 39, dosar 16, filele 33-36; Document No. 18 in Elena Negru and Gheorghe Negru, “PCM şi Naţionalism (1965-1989): Documente adunate în cadrul programului de cercetări effectuate de câtre Comisia pentru studierea şi aprecierea regimului tolitar communist din Republica Moldova,” special edition, Destin românesc, vol. 16, no. 5-6 (2010), pp. 83-85. Translated for CWIHP by Larry L. Watts.
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Annex No. 2

Transcript No. 100, §3

List of Works on the Problems Connected with the History of the Formation and Development of the Moldavian Nation and Statehood, and of Russo-Romanian, Soviet-Romanian and Moldo-Romanian Relations that Subsequently will be Prepared and Published in 1976-1980

The following works are to be prepared and published:

1. Bobeiko, I. M., Brâseakin, S. C., Levchenko, B. C., Communist Organization in Bessarabia—The Vanguard of the Struggle of the Working People in the Region in the Fight for  Reunion with the Soviet Fatherland (1918-1940).

2. Bobeiko, I. M., The Formation and Activity of the Balkan Communist Federation. Monograph, 1979

3. Brâseakin, S. C., The Cultural Situation in Bessarabia (1918-1940), 1977.

4.  Ghitsiu, M. M., The Moldavian Soviets and the Soldiers Committees on the Romanian Front During the Preparation and Achievement of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Monograph, 1980

5. Esaulenko, A. S., The Socialist Revolution in Moldavia and the Failure of Moldavian Bourgeois Nationalism. Monograph 1977.

6. Zavtur, A. A., The Social Structure of Moldavia: From Class Antagonism to Social Unity, 1976.

7. Zavtur, A. A., The Social Structure of Moldavia: From Social Unity to Full Societal Homogenization, 1978.

8. Istrati, E. N., The Economic and Political Situation of the Working Class in Occupied Bessarabia (1925-1940). Monograph, 1980.

9. Kustreabova, S. F., The Social-Economic Situation of the Working People and Demographic Progess in the Cities of Occupied Bessarabia and the Factors that Conditioned them (1918-1940). Monograph, 1976.

10. Levit, I. E., The Failure of the Romanian Kingdom’s Plans of Annexation of Soviet Territories in the Years of the Second World War. Monograph, 1979.

11. Morari, A. G., Premeditated Myopia (Against the Bourgeois and Revisionist Falsification of the Diplomatic Struggle of the CPSU and the Soviet Government for the Liberation of Romania. 1918-1940). Brochure, 1976.

12. Rozhko, V. M., The Socio-Economic Situation and the Revolutionary Struggle for the Liberation of the Working Peasants in Occupied Bessarabia in the Years 1925-1928. Monograph, 1980.

13. Semionova, I. V., Russia and the Liberation Struggle of the Moldavian People Against the Ottoman Yoke at the End of the XVIIIth Century. Monograph, 1976.

14. Semionova, I. V., Russo-Romanian Relations in the Last Quarter of the XVIIIth Century. Collection of Documents, 1979.

15. Multiple authors, The History of the Moldavian SSR in Contemporary Foreign Historiography (A Critical Outline). In two volumes, 1977-1979.

16. Multiple authors, The Formation of the Bourgeois Moldavian Nation. Monograph, 1977.

17. Multiple authors, The Moldavian SSR in the Years of the Great War for the Defense of the Fatherland (Collection of Documents and Materials), vol. 2, 1976.

18. Multiple authors, The Ethnogenesis of the Moldavian and Slavic People. Monograph, 1981.

19. Multiple authors, The Moldavians. Monograph (in the Russian language—in 1976, in the Moldavian language—in 1979).

20. Multiple authors, Soviet Moldavian Successes and the Myths of Anti-Communism. Collection of articles, 1976.

21. Collection of authors, Soviet Moldavia as Seen by Foreign Guests. Collection of opinions, affirmations, 1975.

22. Multiple authors, The History of the Balkan Peoples. The Criticism of Anti-Communist Conceptions. Collection of articles, 1975.

23. Multiple authors, The Political and Socio-Economic Situation of Bessarabia in 1918-1940 in Bourgeois Historiography. Collection of articles, 1977.

24. Multiple authors, The Typology of Similarities and Differences between Related Languages. Collection of articles, 1977.

25. Collection of authors, Romanian-Slavonic Linguistic Relations and Parallels. Collection of articles, 1978.

26. Multiple authors, Studies of Moldo-Russo-Ukrainian Literary Ties, 1978.

27. Multiple authors, The Problems of Moldavian Language and Literature in the Interpretation of Contemporary Romanian Scholars (article), 1976.

28. Multiple authors, Studies on the History of Philosophical and Socio-Political Thought in Moldavia. Collection of articles, 1979.

29. Multiple authors, Studies in the History of the Moldavian Komsomol, 1978.

30. Multiple authors, The Victory of Soviet Power in Moldavia. Monograph, 1978.

31. Multiple contributors, The Cultural Situation in Moldavia (in the Period of Romanian Occupation). Collection of Documents, 1976-1978.

32. Multiple contributors, Documents on the Illegal Communists in Bessarabia. Collection of documents, vol. 1 (1918-1928); vol. 2 (1929-1940), 1977.

To Translate into the Moldavian language and to publish the following works:

1. Bodiul, I. I., Socio-Economic Relations in the Village in the Stage of Developed Socialism.

2. Iliashenko, C. I., In the United Family

3. Lazarev, A. M., Soviet Moldavian Statehood and the Bessarabian Question.

4. Afteniuk, S. I., Shemeakov D. E. et al., The Victory of Soviet Power in Moldavia.

To Revise and Republish the following works:

1. Antoniuk, D., Afteniuk, C., The Traitorous Role of the “Sfatul Ţării.”

2. Antoniuk, D., The Development of Culture in Moldavia.

3. Antsupov, I., Babii, A., Zhukov, V., Ivanov, I., The Year 1918 in the Destiny of the Moldavian People.

4. Brâseakin, S., Sâtnic, M., The Triumph of Historical Truth.

5. Grecul, A., The Flowering of the Soviet Moldavian Nation.

6. Fiodorov, G., The Regime of Bloody Repressions.

7. For the Power of the Soviets (A Chronicle of the Revolutionary Events in Moldavia [March 1917-January 1918]

To translate from Moldavian into the Russian language the works of

Vizer, B., Stratievski, C., Sâtnic, M., Tsaranov, V., Through Cooperation To Communism.

In conformity with the original: Chief of Protocol Service,

General Section of the MCP CC (signature)


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