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September 06, 1963


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    C. Moskovskyi asked c. Moravec about celebration ceremonies in the DPRK and for clarification of the KWP's positions on foreign policies. The Soviet Union is allegedly interested in establishing economic ties with South Korea.
    "Memorandum of a Conversation of c. Moravec with the USSR Ambassador to the DPRK," September 06, 1963, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, State Central Archive in Prague. Translated by Adolf Kotlik.
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

file 004008/63-7

In Prague on 6th September 1963

Secretariat of the CPCZ CC 1st Secretary

P   r  a  h  a

Memorandum of a conversation of c. Moravec with the USSR

Ambassador to the DPRK.

1 attachment              

In the attachment we are sending a memorandum of a conversation of the Cs. Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with the Soviet Ambassador c. Moskovskyi. The conclusion in the memorandum is in agreement with the assessment of the situation that has been internally reconciled at the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs. That is why both Cs. Ambassador to the DPRK and the head of Cs. delegation at the Supervisory Commission of Non-Aligned States have received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a similar instruction – to be patient while dealing with the Korean party, to avoid possible provocations and not to give an opportunity for a misuse of our actions.

                                                                                        Head of Department

                                                                                       [signature: illegible]

Pyongyang 08/24/63

Embassy of the Czechoslovak

Socialist Republic

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

P r a g u e

7th Territorial Department H i g h l y   C l a s s i f i e d

B y   C o u r i e r

Memorandum of a conversation with the USSR Ambassador to the DPRK

c. V.P. Moskovskyi.

C. Moskovskyi visited me on 22nd August this year, shortly after his return from a vacation in the USSR.

He asked to be informed about the current situation in the DPRK, especially in connection with the recent celebration of the 18th anniversary of the DPRK liberation by the Soviet army, and with preparations to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the DPRK inception and 38th parallel incidents.

Then he told me that during last two weeks, he was involved in preparing a letter from the CPSU CC to the KWP CC. The purpose of the letter is to be a request for clarification of the KWP position. There also will be a proposition for a meeting of CPSU CC and KWP CC delegations, where issues would be discussed, over which the KWP disagrees with the International Communist Movement and which are specific only to the DPRK, not to Chinese opinions.

C. Moskovskyi also informed me that c. Brezhnev indicated in a conversation with him that most probably, there will not be another meeting with the Chinese CP CC delegation, and that Chinese these days are looking for all kinds of pretexts to a rift on the state level. In such case, they say, the USSR Embassy staff here (in the DPRK) would increase by ten people in order to follow the Chinese problem.

He was also asked at the USSR MFA, he said, about his position to a possibility of establishing diplomatic ties with South Korea. So far, the MFA is interested in establishing trade connections or maybe, an exchange of correspondents. He also told me that Soviet press is now very careful in writing about South Korea.