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March 29, 1953


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    Report that Kim Il Sung agrees that it is time to bring the war to an end, if not through military means than through negotiations.
    "Ciphered telegram from Kuznetsov and Fedorenko in Pyongyang," March 29, 1953, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, AVPRF, Fond 059a, Opis 5a, Delo 5, Papka 11, Listy 120-122. Translated for CWIHP by Kathryn Weathersby.
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In response to your communication No. 359.

During the second meeting on March 29, Kim Il Sung again declared that he fully agrees with the proposal of the Soviet government on the Korean question and considers that this proposal must be implemented as soon as possible.

Kim Il Sung further underscored that the time has come to show initiative from our side on the question of the conclusion of the war in Korea and achievement of peace.  It is necessary, Kim said, either actively to carry out military operations or to end the war; a further dragging out of the existing situation is not in the interests of the DPRK and PRC, or of the entire democratic camp.  In connection with this, Kim pointed out that the losses on the Korean side at the front and in the rear (daily nearly 300-400 persons) are very significant and it is hardly advisable to conduct further discussion with the Americans regarding repatriation of a disputed number of prisoners of war.  In the present conditions, Kim said, the proposal of the Soviet government is the most advisable and correct.

Kim Il Sung is taking measures to prepare for the anticipated negotiations: the number of sick and wounded prisoners in the DPRK is being determined, materials for the negotiations in Panmunjom are being prepared, a statement from Pyongyang is being prepared, etc.

Following your instructions (Your Communication #242) we agreed with Kim Il Sung that the representative at the negotiations (if they resume) will be Nam Il, as before.  In connection with this, the publication of a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly about naming Nam Il Minister of Foreign Affairs will be delayed.  The post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK is temporarily being held by Li Don Gen.  Kim Il Sung will inform the Chinese friends about this.

29.III.53  Kuznetsov, Fedorenko

SPRAVKA [Report]: No. 359 (bkh. #8265) 29.III.53

Comrades Kuznetsov, Razuvaev and Fedorenko have reported that on March 29 they were received by Kim Il Sung in the presence of General Nam Il, that Kim Il Sung was given the document which arrived from Moscow and that they agreed to meet again after Kim Il Sung has familiarized himself in detail with the document.

No. 242 (iskh. No. 6277) 24.III.53  Molotov gave an order to transmit to Kim Il Sung that Moscow advises that the decision of the question of naming Nam Il as Minister of Foreign Affairs be postponed until Malik’s arrival and that it would be good at the present moment to be limited to the naming of a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who would meanwhile serve as minister.”