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March 22, 1962


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    The District Party Committee of Yili, Xinjiang, distributes regulations on improving the livelihoods of citizens living near the Sino-Soviet border.
    "Cable from Yili District Party Committee, 'Provisions on Making Proper Arrangements for the Livelihoods of People Living in Border Areas'," March 22, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Zhonggong Yili Hasake zizhizhou weiyuanhui dang shi yanjiushi and Yili Hasake zizhizhou dang’anju (guan), eds. Zhongguo gongchandang Yili Hasake zizhizhou weiyuanhui zhongyao wenjian xuanbian (Selected Important Documents of the Chinese Communist Party Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Committee) (Yili: Yili zhou dangwei dangshi yanjiushi, 2001), 337-338. Translated by Max Maller.
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Provisions for Livelihood Arrangements for Peoples Living in Border Areas

To All Prefectural Party Committees, County Committees in the Border Region, and to the Party Committee of the [Xinjiang Uyghur] Autonomous Region:

Concerning the proper arrangements for the issue of peoples’ livelihoods in the border regions, in accordance with the spirit of the [Yili Kazakh] Autonomous Prefecture Committee’s remarks and the perspectives put forth by the Aletai [Altai] Prefecture Committee, the Huocheng [Qorghas] County Committee, and others in their announcements, the Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Committee has considered the needs of the border peoples and some possible conditions for basic supplies. We present the following stipulations, and ask that all prefectural and county committees continue their research.

1) Grain provisions: From April (the Autonomous Prefecture Committee had already notified some counties by telephone as early as the middle of March) until the hectic spring plowing period at the end of May, adults and children each received on average 25 jin per month per person. New commune members with lower incomes received on average 30 jin. The original standards were quite low, but for grain provisions to go up too considerably is difficult. However in the dairy-rich Zhaosu [Mongolküre] County, it was fair to give new commune members 25 jin, and old commune members 22 jin. After the spring harvest, between the fallow period and receiving new grain (during which time there are more dairy products and vegetables), new commune members can be brought down to 22 jin; Zhaosu and other counties can also be lowered appropriately. Just because the per-person grain provision standards were originally higher than these stipulations does not make it fair to lower them. The original standards were roughly equivalent to these new stipulations (previously the standard grain provisions entering the Huocheng commune were 24-27 jin). The public livelihood is completely free of problems; it is certainly unnecessary that provisions should increase. The summer 1962 harvest reaped two years’ worth of grain; if conditions are amenable, it will be [fair] to fix grain provisions no lower than 30 jin per month per person.

2) Cooking oil: 10 liang per person per month (16 liang to one jin), about the same as the provisions in the city.

3) Meat: 1 kilogram per month per person. The conditions here are comparatively good, and the original standard was even higher than this. It would not be fair to raise it again. Since each commune and platoon is allowed to have its own livestock, if they cannot make due for a while, there is no need to force it—with effort this can be made up later.

4) Cotton cloth: Outside of the original standard, there has been a per person increase of 2 meters, but while sending out cloth tickets, in was necessary to make adjustments according to actual needs. We could not distribute evenly.

5) Loose leaf tea: 200 grams per person per month. For new commune members who are not accustomed to drinking tea, we have not seen fit to increase the original standards (subordinate provinces limited to 140 grams).

6) Sugar: Aside from children, we adhere to the original stipulation (in counties, 3 years old and under receive 500 grams per person per month; 2 to 6 year olds 250 grams per person per month). Besides this implementation, sick people, women in bed-rest, etc. should be given appropriate attention. In addition, during New Year’s and other holidays, if conditions are amenable, we will strive to give half of one shijin to those who ordinarily do not receive provisions.

The above standards for provisions will only be implemented in the communes near the border and in all platoons. Its coverage cannot extend any further, if we are to avoid increasing the store of provisions. These standards shall be understood exclusively within the interior ministries. They must not be announced to the general public.

Effective planning for the livelihood of border peoples has immense political significance. We hope that committees at all levels, as well as all relevant ministries, will, in accordance with these stipulations, speedily announce the planned figures for these various kinds of provisions to the communes and platoons. Inform them that the Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Committee, apart from grain, oil, and meat, will still need their assistance in dealing with some other products.

We welcome any criticism from autonomous region committees as regards these stipulations.

Yili District Party Committee

22 March 1962




关于安排好边境人民生活问题,根据自治区党委指示精神和阿勒泰地委、霍城县委等报告中提出的意见,伊犁区党委考虑了边境地区λ民生活的需要及供应上的可能条件,提出以下的-些规定,请各地() 、县委研究执行。

一、口粮:4 月份起(区党委已打电话通知有的县从3 月中旬开始)5 月底春耕大忙时期,大小口每人每月平均25 斤,元抵垫的新社员平均30 斤。原来标准较低,粮食供应增加过多有困难,但奶食较多的昭苏等县,新社员以25 斤,老社员以22 斤为宜。春耕过后的农闲季节到接上新粮(那时的奶食品、蔬菜也更多) ,新社员可降为27 斤,老社员可降为22 斤,昭苏等县也应适当降低。至于口粮标准原来就高于这个规定者也不宜降低。原来标准基本上与此规定相差不多(女日霍城县前进公社的口粮标准是24 - 27)群众生活并无问题者,也可不必增加。1962 年夏收后的新的粮2年度,如条件允许,口粮标准每人每月平均以不低于30 斤为

二、食油:每人每月10 (每斤以16 两计) ,一般与城市供应相寺

三、肉:每人每月1 公斤。条件较好,并且原来供应标准比这个规定高的,不宜再有增加。按各公社、大队自有肉畜的条件,如一时办不到,先不要勉强,以后争取达到。

四、棉布:在原供应标准之外,每人平均增加2 米,但在发放布票时,必须按实际需要加以调剂,不能平均分配。

五、茶叶:每人每月200 克。对原来没有吃茶习惯的新来社员,仍按原来标准(直属县为140 )不宜增加。

六、糖:除小孩按原规定(直属县3 岁以下每人每月500 克, 2岁至6 岁每人每月250 )执行外,对病人、产妇等应给以适当照顾。另外,在过年过节的时候,如条件允许,争取给平时未供应的每人供应半市斤。


安排好边境地区的人民生活,是具有重大的政治意义的,希望 各级党委和有关部门,按这一规定,迅速将边境的公社、大队人员数目与各种物资供应计划报告伊犁区党委,除粮、油、肉外,其它物资尚需转请自治区帮助解决。



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